Saturday, July 20, 2013

Life Long Democrat and News Reporter Helen Thomas Memorialized In Stone #HelenThomas

Ms. Thomas is the figure on the right.

Helen Thomas, former White House reporter, has died at age 92, proving once again that only the good die young.

Ms. Thomas was continuously acerbic, hostile and aggressive with every Republican president, not so much with Democrats, the party to which she belonged.  Her lasting memorial should probably be to Media Bias.

Thomas's long journalistic career finally ended some months ago when she was asked what the Jews of Israel should do, and replied "Get the hell out of Palestine."  Her pro-terrorist, antisemitic remark stirred up a firestorm of rage and criticism, and she quickly retired.

Now that she has died, there is a rumor that Ms. Thomas will be memorialized in stone, overlooking ancient European cathedrals and historic buildings (see picture).

If you don't like this memorial, don't blame me, I only read about it at Blazing Cat Fur.

Update:  American Power also has words of praise for Ms. Thomas at this link.


Stogie said...

I rarely speak ill of the dead.

That said, Helen Thomas was a bitch in almost every sense. I will not miss her at all. Well, except as a stand-in for the Wicked Witch of the West in Oz.

Stogie said...

AOW, I felt the same way when I did this Photoshop. "Don't speak I'll of the dead." However, this evil old bag is an exception if ever I saw one.

Stogie said...

CAIR mourns the death of Helen Thomas. Figures, huh?

Stogie said...

It figures, considering Thomas's pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel views.