Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jared Taylor's Open Letter to Eric Holder: Explains a Lot About Black Behavior and "Racism"

Jared Taylor has accepted Eric Holder's public invitation for a new discussion on race, and has asked Holder for a face to face discussion.  He won't get it of course.  Liberals are not interested in defusing black racial animus but only in organizing, rationalizing and focusing it into a potent political force for socialism.  This they have done and will continue to do.

However, Taylor's letter makes some points on blacks that are worth repeating here, because knowing the true facts of the racial divide cannot do harm, and may do good, if only to encourage non-blacks to arm and defend themselves.

His first point is on black crime:
I would imagine you used statistics from your own Justice Department to show that blacks are at least seven times more likely than people of other races to commit violent crimes, and that young black men are the most dangerous people in America. I hope you explained that Americans will be suspicious of blacks for as long as they continue to commit so many crimes. This may be unfortunate for law-abiding blacks but the fault is not with the police or with neighborhood watchmen; it is with other blacks.
This is correct.  It is why profiling of blacks is necessary for our own safety and survival.  Young black men like Trayvon Martin are the largest contributors to violent crime in America.

His second point is that a bias against blacks does not in itself constitute a "hate crime," and does not invalidate the right of anyone, including an open "racist," from defending himself against a black attacker:
This is not an academic question, Mr. Holder. I hold unorthodox views on race and have expressed them publicly. Does this mean that if I am attacked by a black and have to defend myself with lethal force you will investigate me? What if it could be proven that I am the wickedest racist in America? Does that mean I have forfeited my right to defend myself against a black attacker? I hope you understand my dismay, but this is very clearly the logic of your investigation: that I will lose very important rights if I have views of which you disapprove.
Finally, Taylor mentions the horrible truth of which no one in society dare speak, that of IQ differences between the races, which is undoubtedly the major cause of black dysfunction:
Finally, on an entirely different matter, you seem to think that blacks and whites are precisely equal in ability and temperament, and that if there are any differences in outcome between the two groups, it can only be due to white “racism.” In the interest of the honest discussion you want, I invite you to reflect on the fact that American blacks have an average IQ of 85 whereas whites have an average of 100. I also invite you to consider the huge body of evidence that suggests this difference has a substantially genetic cause.
Because of this natural variability in IQ, blacks, as a group, are not going to equal the achievements of other racial groups, not anytime soon.  Maybe after another 500 years of interbreeding with other racial groups and the enlargement of their accessible gene pool, or through scientific achievements in genetic engineering, but most certainly not in our lifetimes.  Their dysfunction is most assuredly not the result of irrational non-black racism, and any policy initiatives that are based on that myth will not solve any problems and will more than likely make them worse.

Read the whole essay at this link.


Stogie said...

About that first point..."Racial profiling isn't racist at all if there is a basis for profiling according to race. It's called suspect profiling!

Stogie said...

Hey, Stogie. Have you ever seen the film The Gods Must Be Crazy?

Stogie said...

I think the profiling objected to is when you see a black and are suspicious of him simply because he is black. However, if he is a young black male, there is a much greater chance that he will commit a crime, based on crime statistics. So profiling is not irrational. Compare it to the profiling that we should be doing to Arabs and Muslims who buy tickets on commercial aircraft. They should be scrutinized more severely than some white grandma in a wheelchair, for instance.

Stogie said...

I haven't, but I will look for it.