Monday, July 01, 2013

Truth is Now Hate Speech in David Cameron’s Britain - Must Read Article by Paul Weston

Paul Weston, a British subject and Chairman of the British Freedom Party.  He is opposed to the Islamization of Britain and the growing loss of freedom and safety of British citizens there.   Today he has a righteous rant against the far left British government and its incredible sell-out to radical Islam.  Read it here:
Truth is Now Hate Speech in David Cameron’s Britain.

Rick Darby at Reflecting Light has an essay on Weston's article at this link.  As Rick points out, being anti-Islamization in Great Britain today involves two very real dangers:  (1) the Muslim immigrants there may murder you for criticizing their religion of barbarity and (2) that the far-left British government may imprison you for criticizing their religion of multiculturalism.

Western civilization rests on shaky ground these days.  Where will it end?


Stogie said...

Tommy Robinson threatened with arrest if he re-tweets death threats directed at him

Any deviation from the narrative "Islam is a religion of peace" will not be permitted in the UK. And the same is coming soon to the United States.

Stogie said...

The UK is gone. Done. Finished. The people there don't have the guts for a revolution.

Stogie said...

AOW, I suspect you are right. Britain has committed national suicide.

Stogie said...

All the more reason why we can't give up our guns. Buy ammo.