Saturday, July 13, 2013

Texas Sluts For Infanticide Reveal Their True Allegiance

Texas Republicans have passed a bill barring abortions after 20 weeks.  The bill is to prevent late term abortions, where viable fetuses are removed from the womb and killed with a scissor stab to the brain.  Many people believe that late term abortions are infanticide, the killing of infants.

Democrats, always in support of whatever is anti-human and thoroughly evil, have a passionate desire to preserve a mother's right to end the life of their unborn infants.  It is almost a holy cause with them.  Or maybe a Satanic cause, as pro-abortion protesters chanted "Hail Satan" last month when they disrupted the legislature in order to stymie the vote.  It was refreshingly honest of them to finally identify their god, their inspiration, their motivation.  Life News reports:
This week saw a death threat issued to the Texas Lt. Governor and abortion activists screaming “F— the Church.”
And Hot Air further reports:
Whether it’s the attempt to hijack the legislature while attempting to pass a popular bill, chanting “Hail Satan” at pro-life demonstrators, or bringing urine, feces, and tampons (and bricks) to throw at elected officials, the opposition to this bill has managed to make themselves look like absolute nutcases at every turn, but their extremism is worse than it looks. They’re clearly uninterested in democracy; they want to intimidate the majority with violence and disgusting tactics from the minority. They’re proto-dictators with bad taste, at the least.
Before the vote this week, a bevy of ugly, fat and old women, along with some brainwashed children (see pic herein), picketed the state house carrying signs with disgusting messages (the one herein, now Photoshopped to make the meaning clearer) read "Jesus isn't a dick, keep him out of my vagina!"  Indeed, Jesus probably doesn't have a quarter to pay for it anyway.

Fortunately for all those unborn babies, Texans support the new bill by 64% to 30%, with the rest undecided.  Texas sluts will have to find a new form of birth control.

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