Friday, July 19, 2013

Was Trayvon High on Codeine When He Attacked George Zimmerman? Skittles and Watermelon Tea Used To Make "Purple Drank."

Ingredients for "Purple Drank"
Here's an interesting article that includes Trayvon's Twitter feed with fellow gangstas, where he discusses his desire to get some liquid codeine to make a druggie drink called "Purple Drank" or "Lean."

Apparently, the drink is made with Skittles, Codeine and Arizona Watermelon drink.  On the night that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman, he was carrying Skittles and Arizona Watermelon drink.  Was he going to use it to make "Purple Drank"?  Was he already high on the stuff?

Reportedly, the drink makes the user aggressive and paranoid.

Read the article to learn more here.

UPDATE:  Bill Whittle at Pajamas Media explains the framing of George Zimmerman and also describes the druggie drink "Lean."  Hat tip:  Moonbattery.


Stogie said...

A few years ago, one of my students was using this stuff -- only for a short period of time, thank God. During that time, he went from being a nice, mellow kid to a belligerent jerk.

Stogie said...

Let's be clear, I'm not saying Trayvon didn't become overly aggressive and attacked first, in fact I'd bet everything he did, but codeine by itself doesn't make people aggressive. Maybe the combination of these ingredients causes this to happen, of maybe he built up a dependence and was withdrawling which can make anyone aggressive, whatever the drug...but opiates alone make you the exact opposite of aggressive. Opioids are an anti-social drug, as in you stay in your home and dose off and on watching ESPN or whatever. And even if you are out and about, if you're on it you're probably the most patient and easy to get along with person in the Colosseum.

So the suggestion in this title is wrong. Here's what happened; Zimmerman tried to get his attention, talk to him regarding the break ins and what not and Trayvon, raised and conditioned to believe anyone with a lighter skin tone them him is an evil ''racist out to harass you,'' and to him that means he had the right to strike first even if no aggressive posturing were present on the part of Zimmerman. Basically, blacks have been conditioned to hate anyone even close to being white and think nothing of attacking us for the most trivial of reasons, if not for just the fun of it which happens about 100 times a day in this country. All of this crap about hoodies and codeine are all just cowardly attempts to avoid the racial issue in this case, both for why he attacked and why he was stopped and suspected in the first place. Blacks are more likely to be violent offenders, blacks are more likely to be thieves etc. But no one wants to be called a "racist," even though they are still being called racists this is just stupid. Just say it, rub it into the social engineers faces that their decades of hate whitey propaganda, encouragement of aggressive tendencies, embracing of criminal culture, being told they were the worst treated slaves (if they even mentioned every race was enslaved at one point or another, at all) are the reasons why blacks now have a chip on their shoulder and a sense of entitlement. They're told they can do no wrong while whites can do no right. So to whomever it is that posted this, grow some balls and start pointing out the real reasons why this happened. If they say it's racially motivated, say was. And here's why; then cite black violent crime statistics that have them responsible for over half of these cases in the nation while only at 12% of the population.