Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Personal Journey: Reconsidering Blacks, "Racism" and Civil Rights #Travyon #Zimmerman #Racism

Black Racism and Black Hypocrisy Is Obvious In The Zimmerman Case

A member of the Congressional Black Caucus spouted more nonsense about the Zimmerman trial yesterday. Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-N.Y.) said:
“The tragic death of our young man, Trayvon Martin, followed by the acquittal of the man who pursued him and killed him, has reminded us that although it may seem as if African Americans and other minorities have achieved full equality in our civil society, we are still victims of racial profiling in violation of our laws and our morals,”

“The lives of black men and women are not accorded the same value as the lives of white Americans,” she added. “This is a reality for far too many black Americans.”
 This is sheer hypocrisy.  The truth is that many, if not most blacks consider the lives of non-blacks to be inconsequential and totally expendable.  George Zimmerman is unable to defend himself from a savage beating because his assailant was black.  George Zimmerman must be punished for killing a member of "the Sacred Other," the Dalai Lama Tribe of the Black Epidermis.  All laws, facts and logic must be dispensed with and an innocent person punished for his sacrilegious forsaking of this holy truth.

In the murder of Yankel Rosenbaum, the white victim was totally unimportant to the all black jury who acquitted his murderer, a punk who was caught with the bloody knife still in his pocket, and identified by his victim before that victim died.

In the savage murder of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman, both white, the nearly all-black jury acquitted the black perpetrator in spite of incontrovertible DNA, fingerprint and blood evidence, in an obvious example of jury nullification.  Simpson and Goldman didn't matter, only the fellow member of the Holy Tribe of the Black Epidermis.

The truth is, blacks (as a group) absolutely do not value non-black life at all, and so Clarke's statement is sheer hypocrisy.  So to Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, I can only say:  DROP DEAD, you flaming hypocrite, you died-in-the-wool racist!

Defending Blacks From "Racism":  My College Days
Like most young fools, when I was in college, I was an ardent supporter of "civil rights" for blacks.  I believed in racial equality and thought that the ONLY significant difference between black people and other races was skin color.  For that reason, discrimination against blacks angered me mightily, and I spent a lot of time deriding my Texan relatives for looking down on black people.  One of my favorite lines was "The only reason you don't like black people is because they are not a dainty pastel pink like you are."  Oh yeah, that would get 'em!

I believed that if you took any black infant and raised the child in a white home with white values and opportunities, that child would grow up with the same values, attitudes and IQ as the average white person.  Racial differences were all environmental, or so I believed.  I never considered that there might be a genetic reason for black dysfunction, especially in the area of I.Q.  I sarcastically derided the book The Bell Curve, alleging that blacks have a lower I.Q. than other racial groups.  I was quite sure it was racist nonsense, full of facts and figures selectively cherry-picked to confirm preconceived biases.  I dismissed it out of hand.

A Door Opens In My Mind
Then came the verdict in the O.J. trial, and the widespread glee among the black populace that their fellow black had gotten away with murder.  As I have mentioned before, it was a paradigm shift for me.  A door in my mind had opened wide, and I was ready to reexamine all of my assumptions and beliefs concerning race.

I bought and read Dinesh D'Souza's 1995 book, The End of Racism.  That book examined questions formerly forbidden in polite discussion, like the terrible statistics on black dysfunction, the number of young black men in prison, the soaring illegitimacy rate, the many fatherless households, the rotten attitudes of many blacks, the sick, dysfunctional culture of the majority of the black population.  There was also quite a bit of evidence discussed that pointed to lower I.Q.'s as the cause of many problems, and a lot of evidence suggesting that this difference was genetic, not environmental.  I didn't like these facts one bit, but reality has a way of ignoring what I want.  It just keeps on being reality, damn it!  I went through a period of depression and mourning, following the death of my idealism -- but I had to accept the obvious:  blacks are not just white people with dark skins.  They think and act quite differently than we do.

My Hopes For Racial Reconciliation Rise Again, Only To Be Dashed
Like most people, I'd be tickled pastel pink if blacks would finally, after 400 years among us, finally assimilate into American society like so many other ethnic groups have done, and Martin Luther King's grand hope for a colorblind society would be realized.  So I ignored my O.J. related epiphany, and began to hope again.  Someday, blacks would successfully assimilate, become conservatives, move to the Republican Party, and all would be hunky-dory.  What a schmuck!  I am referring to myself.

Then came the George Zimmerman-Travyon Martin affair.  At first I had no opinion on what happened that night in Sanford, Florida.  Pictures emerged in the media of Zimmerman with a broken nose and bloodied face, and a bloodied back of his head.  Hmmm.  Looks like self-defense to me.  The trial confirmed beyond any shadow of a doubt that George Zimmerman's account of the events was accurate.  Even the prosecution's witnesses testified to facts supporting the self-defense claims of the defendant.  The prosecution's case against Zimmerman was revealed to be a complete farce, a politically motivated show trial.

Zimmerman was acquitted, as well he should have been, but 86% of American blacks were dissatisfied with the verdict.  They wanted Zimmerman nailed for Violation of the Holy Ebony Epidermis.  Blacks, or 86% of them anyway, don't care a rat's rear-end about facts, truth or justice.  Once again, the same truth that was obvious in the O.J. verdict was glaringly obvious to me:  blacks are the worst racists in America.  They are the biggest "haters," to use a term so often used by the Left.  To a very large extent, blacks hate other races.  Not just dislike, not just distrust, but HATE.

I Will Never Again Defend Blacks, Rationalize Their Behavior, or Make Excuses for Them
So I give up on "racial equality," and the hope for blacks becoming another seamless entity within American society.  I no longer believe that blacks can be helped, or that we can ever trust them to be responsible for themselves, or to become anything but a hostile, unassimilable minority within our population.  They will always be one huge, free-floating bad attitude among us.  That doesn't mean we have to be hateful to blacks, or commit crimes against them, or deny them equal protection of the laws.  It DOES mean that all affirmative action laws should cease immediately, all race norming and racial quotas and set-asides should end abruptly.  Blacks deserve no more consideration than is given to any other racial group.  They should be left to sink or swim on their own.

I will never again try to help blacks as a group (selected individuals, yes, but the group, no).  Other naive fools full of hope and optimism can try to do so, and I wish them well in their efforts.  However, I will not be among them.  There comes a time when one should cut his losses and move on.

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Stogie said...

Welcome to the real world, I have always know what you have just realized>

Stogie said...

Blacks, or 86% of them anyway, don't care a rat's rear-end about facts,
truth or justice. Once again, the same truth that was obvious in the
O.J. verdict was glaringly obvious to me: blacks are the worst racists
in America.

Yesterday I was driving my car and discovered, to my dismay, I had no music CDs to play. I selected the radio, which happened to be turned to NPR. Yes, I listen to the delusional establishment's controlled network from time to time, to get some idea of what lefties are saying and avoid the possibility I am living in an "echo chamber" where only the voices that agree with me, more or less, get through.

It was a talk show whose guests included a professor from a college in Alabama, clearly black. The gist of his comment: Maybe technically, according to legal rules, the jury for Zimmerman had no choice but to acquit. But in the bigger picture, he said, there was absolutely no justification for Zimmerman's pulling. It was a pure racist assassination.

The guest didn't sound like a fanatic, wasn't shouting slogans, expressed himself in a grimly calm voice. He had the college instructor's style down pat. Somehow that made his remark particularly chilling: he was able to completely ignore the facts and evidence, serenely confident that his words would be taken as a fount of truth by 86 percent of blacks plus their running dogs in the media, like NPR.

Plantation owners importing Africans starting in the 17th century committed the United States's original sin. Their foolishness may have seemed to them economically necessary, but its long-term effect was to create endless crises and bad feelings. The presence of blacks and people who owned blacks doomed the United States before the Constitution was ever ratified.

Blacks and whites are different mentally and culturally. Nothing can change that. Like you, I believed for a long time in a "color blind" society, but have come to understand that is quixotic. Blacks can never be assimilated, but given the right policies (legal equality, no favoritism or social engineering) the races probably could manage to live together uneasily but on the whole peacefully. For that to come about, we have to admit the fundamental differences between them.

Stogie said...

Rick, yes, importing blacks as slaves back in the 17th century was a huge mistake, but hindsight is always 20-20. As far as the professor you describe, his attitude is common: ignore all facts, logic and evidence. Employ a double standard when it comes to fellow blacks. This attitude, I believe, is why blacks should not be allowed to serve on juries, as they were so prohibited in the 18th and 19th centuries: so many of them are quite incapable of objectivity.

Stogie said...

They wanted Zimmerman nailed for Violation of the Holy Ebony Epidermis.

I've come to that same conclusion.

I'm sad to say this....But I think that good race relations in the United States is a consummate failure. I used to have hopes contrary to what I just said.

Now, I'm totally pessimistic.

Even the blacks whom I regarded as personal friends are condemning Zimmerman. The facts don't matter to them. **sigh**

Stogie said...

I feel the same way. I won't waste any more time hoping for better things. Blacks themselves don't seem to want to assimilate, and we can't force them.

Stogie said...

Thank God for ET Williams. A conservative black man who really sees the truth about his race. He is on YouTube!!

Stogie said...

Amen big bro!!

Stogie said...

I didn't just realize it, I realized it in 1995 when O.J. Simpson was acquitted. However, I took note of a small but growing number of black conservatives and allowed myself to hope. The Zimmerman-Martin affair has once again slammed me back into reality. There is no racial reconciliation with blacks as a whole, not now, not in this century, and maybe never.