Thursday, January 23, 2014

Conservatives: Use Brains More, Adrenal Glands Less to Fight the Ascendant Left

My friend Rick Darby at Reflecting Light has a worthwhile post today, "Where's the Outrage?"  Rick notes that being outraged over the political situation is not enough anymore, we need a strategy.  Rick notes the following destructive trends, with my comments below.

Population Replacement through legal and illegal immigration.  Our formerly European-descent majority is being rapidly whittled away, replaced with third-world immigrants who are not tethered to small government, free markets and low taxes -- and who make far better constituents for the Democratic Party.

Using Government Agencies to Persecute Political Opponents.  Rick is speaking of the IRS and its use as a "weapon against organized criticism."

Widespread Surveillance of Everyone.  The NSA's spying on the citizenry is reminiscent of Orwell's novel "1984."  Phone calls, email and text messages are collected by the millions every day; every aspect of our lives is under government scrutiny.  Lately, we have learned that the NSA even intercepts shipments of computers for installing spying devices within, before allowing them to be delivered to purchasers.

The Militarization of the Police.  Local police forces are being armed with tanks and organized as paramilitary units -- probably to get round the posse comitatus law.  The military may not be able to fire on civilians, but that does not necessarily prevent the police from becoming the arm of tyranny.

Obamacare.  "imposing an untested and conceptually unsound healthcare plan" on the population of the United States is a serious invasion of the private sector and reflects the federal government's growing contempt for its constitutional restraints. 

One other leftist strategy that Rick did not discuss was the global warming fraud, whose "cure" will be a regimented society with great redistribution of wealth, in other words, socialism.

Those are some of the problems that we face.  The left is victorious and on the move.  They see their goal in sight, i.e. turning the United States into a socialist nation on the European model.

But what are the remedies?  What are our strategies for defeating the left?  Or is it already too late?

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