Sunday, January 26, 2014

You're Wrong If You Believe These Ten Things -- And Possibly Nuts

I saw a site this week where the blogger bragged about being proud of the fact that he was a "conspiracy theorist."  People who don't believe in his conspiracy theories (like 911 being an inside job) are people who strongly believe what the mainstream media tell them.

He should change the title of his blog to "Proud to be Paranoid."

It's amazing to me how much sheer nonsense is believed by so many people.  So here's a list of things that, if you believe in them, you're wrong at best, and maybe even nuts.

You're wrong or possibly nuts if you believe:

1. That 911 was an inside job.

2. That a great conspiracy assassinated John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

3. That the primary purpose of the American "Civil War" was to free the slaves.

4. That Amanda Knox had anything whatsoever to do with the murder of Meredith Kercher.

5.  That socialism improves the standard of living for most people in a population.

6.  That the wars in the Middle East are over oil.

7.  That Islam is a "religion of peace," no worse or any more violent than any other religion.

8.  That white people are responsible for all the bad stuff in world history.

9.  That criticism of Barack Obama is racism.

10.  That man made global warming is real.


Always On Watch said...

I proudly pronounce myself "healthy."

SouthernIndepenceNow! said...

I guess I'm nuts. I believe in 1,2, and 10 (although not to the extent that liberals do).