Saturday, January 04, 2014

Hysterical Laughter at the Ice-Bound Global Warming Believers

The global warming fanatics made fools of themselves lately, and it does my heart good.  A bunch of them took a passenger ship to the antarctic to view the melting ice shelf caused by our boiling temperatures that are caused by man-made global warming.  What they saw instead was a massive ice buildup caused by blizzard conditions.  Their ship, the Russian vessel Akademic Shokalskiy, became ice-bound and couldn't move.  A Chinese ice breaker attempted rescue, but it too became ice-bound and unable to move  So the climate scientists froze their buns off from Christmas day to January 2nd, when they were finally rescued by a helicopter.

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Dan Pangburn said...

The cause of the
warming, the end of it, and why temperatures are headed down are no longer a

resulted in the discovery of the two primary drivers of average global
temperature that explain the reported measurements since before 1900 with 90%
accuracy. CO2 is not one of them.

Debbie said...

Al Gore should pay for this fiasco. Not the taxpayers. The bill so far is $400,000 I think and climbing.

Right Truth

Randy G said...

Al should come visit me, I think I will spray fu*k you on the 4 foot bank of globull warming off my street!

DonaldDouglas said...

These people are freakin' depraved. Paid tourist could have died on they're non-icebreaking boat!

Always On Watch said...

Freezing our asses off here! And sick as a dog, to boot.

Al Gore is an asshat.