Saturday, January 18, 2014

Justice Through Photoshop: Brett Kimberlin and Carl DeLong (Photoshop)

Carl DeLong Will Haunt Brett Kimberlin For the Rest of Kimberlin's Life

Carl DeLong is one of the reasons why we can't just forgive Brett Kimberlin for his prior life as a criminal thug and move on.  Had Brett Kimberlin been only guilty of shipping tons of marijuana into the US for sale to hippies, then I could personally care less.  Personally, I see the dumping of all those bales of grass over Texas in 1979 to be more tragic than criminal.  I could easily forgive Brett for that.  And yes, I do believe in the power of redemption, that every one with a nasty past can remake their lives into something better.  However, I have to draw the line at killing people.  The circumstances of DeLong's death are difficult to forgive, and those of Julia Scyphers impossible.  

Kimberlin planted bombs in and around Speedway, Indiana in 1978, possibly (the police believed) to avert public and police attention to the killing of Julia Scyphers (more about that later).  One of the bombs was placed in a gym bag and left on school grounds.

Wikipedia reports:
The last bombing took place on September 6 when another explosive device concealed in a Speedway High School gym bag detonated in the parking lot of Speedway High School shortly after a freshman football game.[2] Injuries sustained in the explosion forced the amputation of Vietnam War veteran Carl DeLong's right leg.[2] DeLong had spotted the bag with the explosive device and had walked over to retrieve it when it exploded, severing his right leg and also severely injuring his left leg and right hand as well as severing an artery in his wife Sandra's leg.
Carl DeLong underwent a painful rehabilitation, but ultimately could not cope with his injuries and pain, and committed suicide in 1983.  Kimberlin is responsible for his death.

Julia Scyphers, 65, was murdered in 1978, shortly after she forbade Kimberlin from seeing her underage granddaughter.  Although eye witness testimony indicates that Kimberlin was not the gunman, suspicion continues to exist that he either ordered the hit, or that it was at least done in his name by one of his loyalists.  If Kimberlin knows the identity of the gunman and has not revealed it to the police, then at the very least he could be an accomplice after the fact in murder.  Only Brett knows for sure.  Well, he and the gunman.

The planting of bombs around Speedway is described at Wikipedia, and the possible motive as follows:

While no motive was established at trial, prosecutors and police believe Kimberlin went on the bombing spree to deflect attention away from an ongoing investigation of the murder of 65 year old Julia Scyphers. Scyphers “violently disapproved” of her daughter Sandra Barton’s relationship with Kimberlin as well as the “strange affection” Kimberlin paid to Barton’s pre-teen daughter who had accompanied Kimberlin on several long unsupervised out of state trips. Scyphers arranged for her daughter and granddaughter to stay with her and on July 29, 1978 she was shot to death just outside her home. Her husband Fred Scyphers, who briefly saw the shooter, identified William Bowman as the man who shot his wife. Bowman was a close associate of Kimberlin in the drug trade but Fred Scyphers died shortly after the murder and Bowman was never charged, as the prosecution’s only witness died. Her murder still remains unsolved.
No one can state catergorically that Kimberlin had anything to do with the death of Julia Scyphers.  However, I believe that it is indeed possible, if not probable, that he did.  Julia Scyphers is one huge reason why we can never forgive or forget Kimberlin's past.   Carl DeLong is the other reason.

Moreover, there is no reason to believe that Kimberlin has repented for his crimes.  Indeed, his latest activities -- the attempted framing of Aaron Walker for a crime, the filing of frivolous, malicious lawsuits against bloggers and others -- all indicate that he is as ruthless as he ever was.

Then there are Kimberlin's suspected connections to SWAT crimes against some of those same bloggers, as well as the recent DDOS attack on the Kimberlin Unmasked website.  Kimberlin's latest activities reveal a ruthless and destructive personality, and not someone who wants to make amends for his criminal past.

My Photoshop above, of Carl DeLong with his arm around Kimberlin, is meant to convey the message to Kimberlin and his pals:  DeLong will haunt you for the rest of your days, and so, I suspect, will Julia Scyphers.


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