Thursday, January 02, 2014

Homosexuality: The Straight Dope (via Taki Magazine)

Elizabeth McCaw has written a common sense article at Taki Magazine on the subject of homosexuality, The Straight Dope on Homosexuality.  McCaw attempts to be objective on a subject that causes strong emotions in many, and she largely succeeds.  I find that I closely agree with her observations and conclusions.  Some of her major points are below, with my comments in red:

1.  That homosexuality is a perversion as that term is defined.  Therefore, those who want to attach that label to the condition are correct. [Many if not most people who apply that term to gays, do so as a derogatory expression. Their intent is to wound rather than to be linguistically precise.] 

2.  That homosexuality appears to be inborn and involuntary, and therefore persecution of homosexuals accomplishes nothing.  [This is my position exactly.  Persecution of gays only creates more Democrats, and nothing else.  Many who dispute that homosexuality is in-born do so to preserve their prejudices.]

3.  That homosexuality is a defect, not a cause for celebration.  McCaw writes:

How should we view homosexuality? It should be treated as a naturally occurring defect, much like deafness or diabetes or asthma. We don’t blame people for these conditions or persecute them, but we don’t treat them like heroes, either. City governments do not vote money for asthma pride day. It is strange and unhealthy to celebrate defects as if they were accomplishments.
[Again, this is my position exactly.] 

4.  That homosexuality has many negatives related to physical and mental health, and same-sex unions are less stable than those between heterosexual couples.  [A fact that supports the view, which I share, that homosexuality is an undesirable condition, for which I hope a cure will be found at some time in the future.]

I am paraphrasing McCaw above, so do read her article, here.

Taki Magazine has been routinely excoriated by the leftist gatekeepers of our culture, and those who write articles for it slammed as racists and bigots.  For that reason, I avoided it for many years, but today I linked to the magazine.  I will continue to disagree with some of its paleoconservative views (because they resemble liberalism to me), but Taki Magazine has much to offer for anyone in pursuit of truth, logic and common sense.

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