Sunday, January 25, 2015

2014 Was the Hottest Year on Record! Yeah, Right. #climatechange

"2014 was the hottest
  year on record!"
One of the most hard-to-believe memes to come out this month is the absurd notion that "2014 was the warmest year in history."  Really?  Where, on Uranus?

In my life experience, 2014 was one of the coldest years since my parents moved to California sixty-one years ago this month.  Arctic ice is at record levels.  Snow is falling all over the globe [see coming New York storm for instance].  Yet you can ignore all of that.  The "climate scientists" have decreed otherwise.  Ignore the icicles, the storms, the snow flurries: the warmists have spoken.

Anyone who believes in catastrophic man-made "climate change" will never get my vote.  Mitt Romney is therefore out of the question.

UPDATE:  Powerline reports that 2014 was one of the coldest years in the last 10,000 years, based on ice core data.  Also, Powerline shows how leftist governments have "adjusted" the data of prior decades to give a fake warming effect.  Read it here.


Stogie Chomper said...

Thanks for the video, Zipadee! While some will say the video is about a crazy conspiracy theory, there is no doubt that the gist of it is true: powerful governments are trying to use the "global warming" hysteria as a tool to advance more powerful, more pervasive governments, and to take over the means of production. They will order what is produced and who gets the production. Tens of thousands will starve, free markets will no longer exist, and human freedom will be a thing of the past. One thing has become obvious to me over the years, and it is this: many human beings are obsessed with wielding power over the rest of humanity, and are utterly ruthless in the attempt to attain that power, through whatever ruse or rationale necessary. We must not let them.

ZipADee said...

Thanks for posting it Stogie. I agree w/ your thought here too. When the 'crazies' are running the show, truth is locked out. One tool the enemy is using today is "HYPE" - mind and emotional manipulation and control. We saw that with the way the media news and 'weather station' even (who's suppose to be unbiased /no agenda) handled and used Juno to rattle the cage bars and close things down (cancelled flights - needlessly). A form of 'conditioning' the masses, again, stripping away sound foundation of reason. All part the 'production'. Ruthless Ruser's, true. Thanks for your humor and insight! Added your site to my blog list worth viewing! Post them while you still can!