Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jonathan Chait: Political Correctness is "a Kind of Virtual Mental Prison."

Jonathan Chait has written a controversial essay for New York magazine on the subject of "political correctness":  Not a Very P.C. Thing to Say hat tip American Power.  Chait's explanation of this phenomenon is that it is a form of censure, thought control, permanent control of public discussion so that only certain memes and themes may be advanced, with any opposing views silenced and ostracized.  Political correctness is a new form of Stalinism (my description, not Chait's).

The goal of political correctness is to shut down debate on subjects beloved by the left.  Criticism, opposing ideas are forbidden.  The result is that in leftist venues like the college campus, a hostile culture and work environment holds sway over the populace.  A hyper-sensitivity to any imagined race or gender bias exists, and those who inadvertently trigger it are to be publicly humiliated, excoriated and socially and professionally ostracized.  This is the P.C, environment, which Chait has described as a "kind of virtual mental prison."

Political correctness is tyranny.  That's why I have been determined to say what I think in this blog, regardless of who it may offend.

If you have recently been enrolled in college courses, you probably noticed the strange culture that exists on campuses.  Attitudes about race, sex, gender and economics seem bizarre, odd and alien.  That is because of the intellectual bubble in which the left lives, the false reality they have constructed for themselves.  Their values are warped and unnatural.  You find yourself tip-toeing around crowds of weirdos to avoid giving offense and bringing down the anger of the strange alien masses.  Take a good look, for this is what America will look like if they have their way.


LD Jackson said...

I have often said political correctness will be the death of the America we know. Nothing is tolerated, unless it is approved by the left. They believe in freedom of speech, as long as it is their freedom of speech. What we say and believe seems to fall outside the boundaries of free speech. What we say and believe is always offensive to them and they intend to do what they can to shut us down. As determined as they are to do that, I am just as determined to say what I think, even if it does spit in their faces.

Jaime Gandarilla said...

"I don't do PC" is a nicer way of saying "I refuse to address you as a human, as my equal"

Stogie Chomper said...

No, "I don't do PC" is a plain way of saying that I do not self-censor and lose the argument by default.

Stogie Chomper said...

Well said, L.D. Without the constraints of political correctness, the foolishness of leftist arguments becomes all too clear.

Jaime Gandarilla said...

Self-censoring is absolutely necessary. We use it 24/7
How is being PC the same as losing an argument by default?

The only ones offended by PC are cis-white-hetero-males, doesn't that signal something?

Stogie Chomper said...

Self-censoring is absolutely necessary if the left is to win any arguments. Your use of the far-left terminology "cis-white-hetero" reveals you to be one of the brainwashed campus adolescents who is only able to repeat neo-Marxist slogans rather than form a coherent thought. What it proves is what we already know: that you campus commies bear an irrational hatred for white men. Here is an example of non-PC: Feminists are ugly lesbians who hate men and seek to overturn the laws of nature. Young black men produce more violent crime in America than any other ethnic minority -- and therefore, prejudice against them is rational and reasonable. Capitalism works very well and socialism is the ideology of losers and parasites. Now there are some true facts you won't hear on whatever college campus that you infest.

Jaime Gandarilla said...

"normal"? are you serious? You are neither "normal" nor a majority anywhere in the world.

I do deal with it, my point was, you used it as an insult and it was hilarious.

"loonies and freakazoids of every stripe and color", "misfits-on-steroids" wow... You really hate those who don't look like you. Why?

Did you go to college? Any college? Why do you hate education and academia so much? You do know there are christian and suuuper Right-wing colleges, right?

Yes, VERY non PC. You know, minimizing the life of millions, quite unPC.

Stogie Chomper said...

Oh, one more thing: Sarah Palin does indeed speak the truth, and the truth is offensive to "progressives." When telling the truth is "going off the deep end," then I suggest diving in is a good thing. As Orwell put it: In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

Stogie Chomper said...

Jaime, you don't express anything except the trite campus jargon of the lunatic left. "Cis-white-hetero" males? In other words, normal men who form the majority. Yes, you are a leftist, deal with it. It seems to me that the college campus has become little more than a reservation for loonies and freakazoids of every stripe and color, a place where misfits-on-steroids can feel good about themselves. There they can maintain their ideological bubble where all threatening facts and mainstream thought can be held at bay, through speech codes (P.C.) and prohibition of campus speakers who might damage their fragile illusions of normalcy and adequacy.

The above paragraph does indeed express my true opinions, but it also demonstrates non-P.C. talk and thought.

Jaime Gandarilla said...

Again, self-censoring is a daily activity. We don't say even half of what we think, why is this different?

I LOVE how you talk about my "slogans" IN THE SAME SENTENCE where you used "Leftist" as an insult.

"rather than form a coherent thought" lol How can we have a conversation if you have your mind made up about absolutely everything about me and my point.

OMG, from here on out, you went off the deep end. Like, Sarah Palin level.

Always On Watch said...

Political correctness of steroids:

UK Cops Conduct Manhunt for Man Who Criticized Islam on Bus

Always On Watch said...

Accurate analogy!

ZipADee said...

You brought to mine this Thesis "Conforming to Alienation or Alienating to Conform". It states basically: Everyone is alienated from something, whether they realize it or not, and conform to something else. "The System" regulates the thinking today by sparking the 'emotional intelligence' (another PC made up reality) to be inline w/ right what you're conveying here. A reality based on emotional responses which have been programed by indoctrination and brainwashing propaganda. In order to accomplish their task, truth has to be done away with. Alienate the masses from the truth and you can conform them easily to the lie program (the lie becomes the standard). Sparkle it with 'feel goods' that puff-up their egos, feeds their pleasures (lusts of the flesh) and encourage high mindedness and 'conscious heightened experiences' governed by the same lying spirits, behind this warped design. Alienation originated in the Garden. When A & E disbelieved the truth they ate of the lie, which alienated them from the Truth of Life. Just like the Tower of Babel, the Nimrod thinking is rising up again (commie-ism, totalitarianism, tyranny, all the antithesis of freedom and liberty). That's their interpretation of the Age of Aquarius - the cosmic shift of consciousness - the next wave. As you notice all this funneling in (being pulled together as if shoelaces securing a foot) and anything that doesn't conform is cut off - done away with. Like a 'Borg mentality' you're 'made' to comply, assimilated in, or like an obstruction, removed. Those who are sold into this System - joined - are blind to it, having no light in them to 'discern' what's going on - the truth is not in them. But, just as we were alienated from truth, being born in the image of fallen man, we can choose to be re-united with the original Truth: "And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God." Romans 12:2 (That renewing means eating of His words and not the Liars.)
[My Sociologist Prof told me, while working on this thesis, that part of their job was to 'alienate' the students from the thinking of their parents, reprogram them. If parents who still have a functioning brain - not sold into the System - knew this I think they'd consider what 'higher education' is all about and where their money was going.]

Stogie Chomper said...

Well said, Zip!

SarahSue said...

We all remember Paula Dean who’s career was derailed for awhile
when we heard that she had said nigger. Then she had to repeat it on the stand,
under oath. She said it when a black nigger had a gun to her head while robbing
the bank she worked in.
Then she made it worse by going on T.V. shows and sobbing
her apologies. The lefties had a field day. She played right into their hands. They
enjoyed every minute of it and refused to forgive her.
The word nigger had never been used by my family, probably
because it was considered unkind. But I resent the hell out of people that
treats its usage worse then murder.
Paula Dean could have been a bad mother, a drunk driver, a
Jew hater, been unfaithful to her husband, cheated on her taxes and that would
have been fine. None on the left would have rejected her. But use a word that
was in common usage in the 1970’s and she is the epitome of evil.
Nuts to all of them.

Stogie Chomper said...

Right, Sara Sue. So she said "nigger" sometime in the past. Who hasn;t? She should never have apologized, she definitely made a big mistake.