Sunday, January 04, 2015

The Islamization of Europe

A very disturbing disaster-in-the-making is the ongoing Islamization of Europe. By Islamization, I mean:
  1. Allowing millions of Muslims to immigrate into European countries;
  2. Providing public subsidies of Mosque building therein;
  3. Providing public support (welfare) for many of those Mulsim immigrants;
  4. Forcing majority acceptance of unsavory Muslim practices, such as polygamy, wife-beating, Sharia law, burquas and veils, Halal slaughter and Muslim enclaves (no-go zones);
  5. Appeasement of the Muslim immigrants by suppressing crosses, piggy banks, beer and wine, music stores, dogs and signs about bacon;
  6. Restrictions on free speech, where Brits, French citizens, Italian citizens, Swedes and Danish citizens are fined or imprisoned (or both) for critically speaking about, writing about, tweeting about, blogging about, or otherwise objecting to Islamic practices and immigrant behavior.
Note that in these countries, truth is not a defense in voicing criticisms or concerns.  Some recent examples of European (and American) support for Islamization:
  • French citizens are heavily fined for objecting to Islamization.  See Moonbattery's listing of details.
  • German Journalist Michael Stürzenberger Fined 1200 Euros for Criticizing Islam.  See here for details.
  • Danish Woman Guilty of Racism for Criticizing Islam -- See this link.
  • Germany’s Silencing of Islam Critics --  See this link.
  • Censorship, "Mental Illness" Overrun France -- See this link.
  • And, even in America:  MAINE FINES GROUP FOR CRITICIZING ISLAM -- See this link.
Western Civilization appears intent on committing cultural suicide.  The mass importation of a barbaric, intolerant, hostile and unassimilable culture, while protecting it from criticism by Draconian means, is truly disturbing.  The question is, how do we fight this Islamization?  How do we reverse it?

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Have you seen today's news? Charlie Hebdo attacked by gunmen. At least 11 dead.