Friday, January 09, 2015

Two Good Muslim Terrorists: They're Dead

French authorities tracked the two Charlie Hedbo murderers to an abandoned warehouse, then killed them.  Another scumbag, an associate of the first two, entered a kosher market to take hostages in support of his comrades, and was also killed.  Unfortunately, four of the hostages were killed as well.

Europeans are beginning to learn the folly of their immigration laws, and the danger of admitting millions of Muslims into their country.

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but many more support these terrorists in various ways, some by financial support, some by moral support, and others by refusing to condemn terrorism and jihad.  The problem is not necessarily bad people, it is bad ideology.  Islam teaches that killing infidels is mandatory, that armed aggression against non-Muslim communities is imperative.  The danger is that many peaceful Muslims may later become more religious, and read their holy texts, then opt to follow their commandments for murder.  And, if they do not, there is a high probability that some of their offspring will.

In one of the Haddiths, Muhammed was described as saying that jihad was the highest virtue.  If a Muslim does not die in jihad, that is, making war on non-believers, his chances of going to Heaven were only one in one thousand.  True believers, therefore, can be expected to murder people of other faiths -- and the history of Islam has proven this to be true, with millions murdered since Muhammad gave his commandments.

The lesson is clear:  Islam is incompatible with western values, and should be largely excluded from our nations.  No practicing Muslim should ever be allowed to immigrate into a western country.

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Did you hear what Hollande said? Sheesh.