Wednesday, January 07, 2015


The Depiction of Muhammad That
Resulted in Mass Murder by Muslims
Muslim gunmen have attacked the Paris offices of Charlie Hedbo and murdered twelve people there.  This was in revenge for Hedbo's satirical depiction of the false prophet in its magazine in the fall of 2011 (see picture at left).  I printed the cover of Charlie Hedbo then and urged solidarity with its editors and writers, in defense of freedom of speech and freedom from Muslim mass murder.  See it here.

The leaders of western Europe have had their heads up their asses for years, allowing millions of these murderous barbarians to immigrate.  The slow and steady erosion of western freedoms has been the result, along with the occasional terrorist attack and murder of the host country's citizens.  Today's murder of twelve French citizens is just another one in a long line of atrocities.

Whatever idiocy led these leaders to adopt such immigration policies, it is way past time to call a halt.  Islam in Europe must be banned, because ISLAM IS TERRORISM,   ISLAM IS MASS MURDER.  It brings much harm and little if any good to the nations it infests.

This week illustrates the idiocy of allowing Muslim immigration.  The moronic leader of Germany, Angela Merkel, chastised a growing group of German citizens who have been marching and protesting the Islamization of their country.  Resistance groups are also active in the U.K. and France, though heavily censored and harassed by the establishment.  Incidents like this latest murder will cause such movements to grow.  We need to welcome and support these resistance groups, both spiritually and financially.  With regard to Islamization of YOUR country, I have one word of advice:  RESIST.

Some observations and opinions:
  • Every time Muslim immigrants murder citizens of western nations, the leaders of those nations are as guilty as the gunmen.  This is especially true for traitors like Angela Merkel, David Cameron, and François Hollande, the leaders of Germany, the U.K. and France, respectively.
  • Every time a Muslim atrocity occurs against the citizens of a western nation, one mosque should be bulldozed in return.  
  • Muslim perpetrators of these atrocities should be hanged, and their corpses incinerated.  They should not be allowed any religious rites nor buried according to Islamic traditions.
The solution to this immigration insanity is what Dutch politician Geert Wilders had been advocating for some time:  all Muslim immigration into the west must be stopped, and those Muslims already here encouraged to leave.  Building of mosques should be prohibited.  To that I would add, any and all tax advantages for being a "religion" should be ended at once.

Post the Hedbo depiction of the FALSE PROPHET (above) on your blog now to show solidarity with the murdered Hedbo staff and AGAINST Islam. 

The time for rationalizing this deadly ideology is over.  The time for liberal posing and posturing in defense of monstrous barbarians is finished.  ISLAM MUST BE BANNED in the western nations.  Let the deportations begin! 


Randy G said...

Spot on Stogie!

Stogie Chomper said...

Thanks Randy!

Rick Darby said...

I have been saying for years that France will be the first country to clamp down on Islamization.

At some point ... and I think that point just got closer ... the citizens will collectively decide that their elites' drive for Islamization must be stopped, whatever it takes. Memories of the Germans and the Resistance still lurk in the consciousness of indigenous French people.

The photo of the policeman being assassinated at close range could be a game changer. As of today, every French policeman and policewoman fiercely hates every Muslim with the slightest connection to jihad or terrorism. From now on the French police will make their own rules. Muslims will understand that their holiday is over and they have enemies who are incredibly tough and unforgiving.

Stogie Chomper said...

I hope you're right, Rick.

tiredofislam said...

All muslims are supporters of terrorism, slavery, murder and jihad. Let us find everyone of them and terrorize, enslave, murder and dispossess them, especially of their toddlers and infants who have no knowledge of islam...NOT genocide - THEOCIDE and an EVIL EMPIRE's final destruction. A must for us in today's world. Muhammad did not meet God, he was possessed by satan.

tiredofislam said...

Everyone who believes Germany was the original Nazi state is uninformed and ignorant. Islam is the original Nazi FAscist state. They used Germany as a puppet/mask twice! Now they are using Mr. Putin and Russia...Soon the truth will be that the Ancient Fascist Nazi Empire of Shaitan/mohammed has started and fueled, CRAFTED, World Wars One and TWO, but THREE (2001 to present) and FOUR (coming soon to an Eastern European and Western Theater near you in Fission Flash O Vison and with Sharia 3D infiltration surround sound...NOW IS the TIME to ELIMINATE ISLAM !!! DO IT NOW for your DAUGHTER's SAKE.

tiredofislam said...

Stogie, I strongly suggest that we stop wasting time and effort hoping and take immediate action to eliminate Islam NOW.

tiredofislam said...

Yes, Spot On...however a truly courageous and effective leader once said,"Actions, deeds speak to me..."

FaceofStone said...

What do you have in mind? Wholesale murder of Muslims? I am of the Muslim faith and have lived peacefully in Northern Virginia for most of my life. When you outlaw my religion, what are we supposed to do? Become Baptists? Does Jesus (PBUH) sanction such actions? So, tiredofislam, are you a fan of Aaron Walker, the person who even now encourages the flames of passion to engulf his community? Do you have concentration camps in mind for those of us who will not leave our home country peacefully and cling to our constitutional right to worship as we like? You certainly have the right to hate Islam. The people who have committed these horrendous deeds profane the teachings of Islam. Perhaps if you knew more about that which you condemn, you might not be so eager to commence eliminating my religion.

Stogie Chomper said...

Wholesale murder? No, that's a Muslim thing. Stopping all Muslin immigration, encouraging those already here to leave, with financing, ending the nonprofit status of mosques, all of these would be a good start. As for knowing about your "religion," I've read 18 books on the subject, including the Koran and Haadith. Islam is a mass-murdering death cult, the only "religion" that commands its followers to murder non-believers, and the vile cult has killed around 270 million since the megalomaniac, false prophet invented the evil ideology. Get a clue, Face, and change your religion.

Stogie Chomper said...

Tired, we cannot act alone as individuals. Banning Islam will require congressional action and a motivated citizenry. Unfortunately, it will probably take another major terrorist attack to finally wake people up.

Stogie Chomper said...

I assume you mean that we should adopt their children and raise them in peaceful religions. That would be great for the children, but a very difficult task to achieve. Eventually, we will have to fight the Muslim world unless it changes its religion voluntarily.

Stogie Chomper said...

Also, Tired, you need to be careful and specific in what you want done to whom. Some reader may think you are advocating indiscriminate murder and/or illegal, violent acts against citizens. I don't want to murder the Muslims in our midst, I just want them relocated to the Muslim country of their choice. I want Muslim immigration stopped, or our grandchildren will live under Sharia and our security and freedoms will disappear. More and more we see growing evidence that our civilization is incompatible with theirs, and that separation is the only viable, workable answer.

Jaime Gandarilla said...

Christianity is peaceful?