Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Legal Saga of an Abject Scoundrel #BrettKimberlin

Brett Kimberlin's RICO lawsuit is plodding along towards eventual resolution, hopefully in our lifetimes.  This is his "racketerring" suit in federal court against numerous conservative bloggers.  Kimberlin argues that these bloggers formed a massive conspiracy among themselves to get rich by "defaming" him.  They "defamed" him by publishing the truth about Kimberlin's criminal past, which included setting off bombs in and around Speedway, Indiana back in 1978.  Two people were injured by one of the bombs, one quite severely.  That victim later committed suicide rather than deal with the pain.

Kimberlin doesn't like people telling the truth about him, as it has significantly impacted his efforts to acquire donations for his two leftist non-profit organizations, i.e. "Justice Through Music" and "Velvet Revolution."  Maybe the well-heeled leftists who once donated hundreds of thousands of dollars were unaware of bomber-boy's past.  They are aware now, largely from Kimberlin's lawfare activities and the massive negative publicity he has generated himself.   Now, faced with a choice between poverty and having to get a real job, Kimberlin opted to instead sue everyone in sight, hoping, no doubt, that some of his legal targets would settle out of court.  Few have done so.

I have read almost all of Kimberlin's self-represented legal briefs and arguments, and they are truly off-the-wall and pathetic, in my layman's opinion.  His arguments are insulting to the intelligence.  For example, he is claiming, among many other crimes, invidious discrimination under the Ku Klux Klan Act, alleging that the defendants' "conspiracy" was persecution motivated by bigotry.  However, Kimberlin is white, and convicted felons are not a protected class envisioned by the Klan Act.  Nevertheless, Kimberlin continues making such absurd arguments, undeterred by shame or embarrassment.

Most of the defendants have now filed motions to dismiss the suit, because it is overly vague.  Kimberlin's claims generally do not specify who did what, when, how this harmed him, and how or why the deed was illegal, defamatory or false.  It is fairly clear that presenting actual deeds and damages is not Kimberlin's point; his point is using the legal process to silence and financially damage or extort the defendants. Since he represents himself, Kimberlin does not incur the same expenses as the defendants who are represented by counsel.

In my opinion, Brett Kimberlin is fueled by an unrelenting hatred of all who oppose him, criticize him, or frustrate his personal goals, e.g. of getting large cash donations from the public to pursue leftwing political goals.  He has no remorse, no human empathy, no kindness, no charity, no care whatsoever for anyone on the planet but himself.

In other words, Brett Kimberlin is a Rat with a capital R.  It is for that reason that so many of us continue to follow his frivolous lawsuit in federal court, no matter how slow and plodding it is.  We look forward to a just resolution.  We hope for legal redress for his lawfare victims.  And we hope for adequate punishment for the outrageously bad faith of an abject scoundrel.


LD Jackson said...

It's been a while since i thought about Brett Kimberlin. One would think that the courts would have figured him out by now. Why he is still in prison is beyond me.

Stogie Chomper said...

The courts surely don't seem to mind vexatious litigants. Maybe they keep judges working.