Monday, January 19, 2015

Billy Crystal is Right: Stop Shoving Gay Scenes in My Face (like "Glee") #BillyCrystal #Glee

Somebody had to say it, and Billy Crystal, actor and comedian, finally did:  There are way too many gay scenes on television.  Some gay characters, now and again, are okay, because homosexuality is a part of humanity and a part of life.  However, due to pressure from radical gay advocacy groups, every television show, every new movie, every Broadway play has to have at least one prominent gay character.  Some have way more than that.  The television series "Glee," is a case in point.

"Glee" is about a high school glee club, giving it a credible basis for lots of singing and music.  the series is in its last season, having survived five previous years on the air.  "Glee" is appealing in that it features some excellent singing talent and some interesting plots and characters, e.g. the evil and crazy cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester (played by Jane Lynch), who has now taken over as principal of the school (and who hates the glee club).  Various student club members, like the talented Lea Michele as Rachel Berry, provide excellent singing entertainment.

However, the fly in the soup is the gay component.  It is overdone to the point of suffocation.  Watching "Glee" one might get the impression that homosexuality is the natural and the norm, and heterosexuality the rare exception.  There are two gay male students, and two gay female students, and the first two  six-season episodes are exclusively devoted to the romantic intrigues and relationship storms of these four characters.  To make matters even more odd, the high school football coach is a masculine-looking woman who announces that she will be getting sexual reassignment surgery to gain a penis and become a man.  Except that she will then be a gay man, because she is still attracted to men.  If one wishes to enjoy the positive aspects of "Glee," he or she must be prepared to wallow in gayness as a condition thereof.

The fact is, "Glee" is a gay love story and always has been.  No doubt gay people love it, but as a non-gay man, I find its negatives now outweigh its positives.  I find the over-emphasis on the gay lifestyle vaguely disturbing and distasteful.  I'm glad that this is the last season for "Glee."  I am all gayed-out.


LD Jackson said...

I haven't watched a single episode of Glee, but I can tell you I am tired of having homosexuality shoved upon us as if it is the normal way of life. Everywhere we look, references to homosexuals are front and center. They would like us to accept it as normal, but that is something I will never do.

bro said...

They are perverts and I will say that to anyones face

Stogie Chomper said...

Yes LD, "Glee" is the worst cheerleader for the gay lifestyle that I have ever seen. It makes you wonder just how far they can go.

Stogie Chomper said...

Yes Bro, and very in your face about it too.