Sunday, August 27, 2006

Butt-Ugly SF Chronicle Writer Insults Ann Coulter

Michelle Malkin has a story about how our local Leftist Rag, the San Francisco Chronicle, has an article today that is vicious in its personal insults of Ann Coulter.

The article was written by one Butt-Ugly Frisco Fruit named Peter Hartlaub, the "Culture" Editor of the Frisco Chronicle's online edition, Seems Peter Hardthrob thinks Ann Coulter looks like a horse, but then that may be the usual perspective for a Horse's Ass like Hardthrob.

Do leave this Butt-Ugly moron a response to his article at the link above. Here's what I wrote:

Anyone as Butt-ugly as Peter Hartlaub ought to think twice before insulting a woman as intelligent and beautiful as Ann Coulter. I notice how you Lefties are good at personal insults and character assassination, but truly pathetic in any real debate. Not a one of you has even attempted to refute Coulter on any serious topic. The reason is, you can't. I really enjoy watching Coulter make mincemeat out of her liberal opponents in debate, it is truly wonderful to watch.

Ann Coulter is a beautiful woman, but the truth is, she's still more of a man than Peter Hartlaub.
As for Ann Coulter compared to Mr. Butt-Ugly, I'll let you decide who's better looking.

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