Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Case of the Cat and the Vicious Shoe

My wife reported a funny episode with our new kitten this past week.  Prudence, the kitten, was playing with one of my wife's shoes -- the shoelaces in particular.  Prudence was fighting with the laces in an attempt to subdue them.  In the process, one of the laces became tangled around one of her hind legs.

When she tired of this game, she walked away, but noticed the ominous sound of footsteps following her: "clumpety-clump clump clump."  Convinced that the shoe was taking revenge, our kitten panicked.  She ran around the couch twice but couldn't shake the persistent shoe.  "Clumpety-clump-clump-clump!"  

Prudence dashed up the stairs at breakneck speed, then back down again, then up again, and always the angry shoe seemed to be gaining on her.  The shoe said "Clumptety-clump-clump-clump!"  Prudence was sure this was shoe language for "I'll get you, you rotten little cat!"

Finally, the shoelace freed itself from her foot and at last the shoe no longer followed.  Prudence collapsed on her front paws, exhausted but deeply relieved.

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