Thursday, May 28, 2009

Obama: Worst President Ever?

This morning on the way to work I listened to my fellow grouchy curmudgeon, Lee Rodgers, of KSFO radio in San Francisco.  He was talking with a lady from Pajamas Media and he made a pithy observation:
If Obama isn't anti-American, he certainly is doing everything an anti-American would do to ruin the country.  He weakens the military at the same time he's apologizing to our friends and foes alike for our country being so rotten.   He's bankrupting the economy, appointing radicals to the bench and is now considering a new federal tax, a national sales tax.  No, this national sales tax won't replace the income tax, it will be in addition to the income tax.   

The new taxes will be needed to pay for universal health care, which will deteriorate badly once nationalized.  I do hope all of you Obama supporters are ready to pay through the nose.   Your lives, like ours, are going to get progressively worse.

Barack Obama is so irresponsible it's scary.  His latest insult to the Queen of England is a case in point.  They say she is fuming over not being invited to the D-Day ceremonies that Obama is planning.  One gets a strong impression that Obama has some kind of grudge against British royalty.   He never misses an opportunity to trample all over international protocol with muddy feet.  Maybe he should give the Queen noogies the next time he sees her, followed by a lot of rib tickling.  Then he could give Prince Charles a wedgie.  Such diplomacy has not been seen since Jimmy Carter planted one on on the Queen Mother.  Right on the smacker.

Obama is an unfolding disaster.  If that isn't clear to you yet, never fear:  it will be.

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