Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rush: Do Away with Self-Censorship and Attack!

Rush Limbaugh continues to bring the fight to the Left.  Lately he has been attacking the judicial qualifications and racism of Sonia Sotomayor, the judicial extremist who wants to replace the Constitution with her personal notions of empathy.  
Rush has noted the extreme self-censorship that permeates conservative arguments; we can't oppose Sotomayor because of her race -- she is latina -- even though the Democrats viciously attacked Bush's hispanic appointments to the federal courts.  The Left, over time, has constructed well-entrenched rules that people in both the public and private sectors unconsciously obey.  

Those rules are that Republicans cannot criticize any Democrat who is of a minority extraction, whether they be hispanic or black; to do so shall be judged "racism" with no appeal.  However, this rule shall not be applied to Democrats.  They can demean and insult Republicans of minority descent until Hell freezes over, but that's fair game.  It is an egregious double standard that was invented specifically for the purpose of shutting up Republicans.

These well-entrenched "rules" cause Republicans to self-censor.  Quite a few have now concluded that we cannot oppose Sotomayor on the High Court simply because of her race; that to do so will bring charges of racism; and that we will lose the hispanic vote.

Rush says we should no longer play the game by the Democrats' rules, but should boldly criticize and oppose far-left candidates regardless of their membership in any ethnic group.  Yes, they will call us racists, but they always call us racists.  Let them.

No we won't lose the hispanic vote because we don't have it to lose.  Bush appointed hispanics to the courts and those hispanics were viciously denounced and opposed by the Democrats.  Both Bush and McCain looked the other way on illegal immigration.  It didn't help them with hispanics.

Even though Democrats opposed GOP hispanics, it didn't cause them to lose any hispanic votes.

Forget the hispanic votes, per se.  Concentrate on votes we can win, i.e., people (of whatever ethnicity) who dislike high taxes and government takeover of the economy and who want the security of a strong military.

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