Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Obama Nominates Anti-Constitution Radical for High Court

We knew this would happen when Obama won.  Now he has appointed a radical anti-constitutionalist to the Supreme court in Sonia Sotomayor.  
Sotomayor created waves when she stated that a Latina woman would probably give better judicial opinions than a white male.  However, her track record would suggest otherwise:  her opinions have been overturned five times out of six by the high court.  Even liberal judges have admonished her for the frivolous nature of her decisions, stating that they have no bearing on the Constitutional issues at bar.

Yes, she was originally appointed to the federal bench by President George H.W. Bush; that doesn't change anything.  The Bushes are not conservatives and made many decisions in office that we conservatives disagree with.   

Sotomayor's judicial philosophy is that a judge should make policy, that is, to legislate from the bench.  She believes that her empathy for the racial or gender makeup of the parties should have a bearing on her decision.  However, "empathy" has no place in deciding questions of law.   Lady Justice is shown blindfolded, to remain unbiased by the racial, gender or other particulars of the parties involved.  Sotomayor intends to remove that blindfold and review cases through the pink lens of leftwing dogma.

Once again we see how Democrats care more about the gender and ethnicity of a candidate than about his or her qualifications for the job.  One thing that Sotomayor does bring to the bench is a willingness to corrupt and pervert the Constitution in order to write Leftist ideology into law without the necessity of a vote.

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