Sunday, May 03, 2009

Pamela Geller on Fox News - and Looking Hot!

The world's hottest blogger continues to impress. Here's Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs on "Red Eye" on Fox News. This is a funny put down of the DHS's recent silly warning about "Right Wing Extremism."

A while back I Photoshopped a picture for Pamela that we were going to use on a blog ad for her radio show in Phoenix. It was taken from a photo of her with some lucky guy at a New Year's Eve party. I had to edit him out and then recreate her right breast which had been covered up by the now removed guy who was standing in front of it.  My reconstruction looks so real and natural  that I was rightly proud of my work. However, she thought the photo was too sexy to use in the ad. But I still have the Photoshop! I'm planning to use it in one of Stacy McCain's "Rule 5" Saturdays (that's when you post a picture of a pretty woman to bring in more blog hits). First I have to find a suitable background and I have one in mind. You'll just have to wait for it!  


Stogie said...

<span>"The blogosphere really is the last line of defense for free speech"  Are you freaking kidding me?  Pam Geller wants to restrict Constitutional rights to Muslims, ie stripping them of their Burkas, banning mosques and restricting their rights.  You think she is for the Constitution?  That Illuminati puppet?  She's agaisnt the 1st Amendment, ie banning mosques.</span>
She needs to go back to her Zionist Israel, she's no American.

Anonymous said...

That's not true. She doesn't want to ban mosques. She is against building a mosque at the 9-11 site but readily admits they have the right to do it. She is also a defender of the first amendment. She is AGAINST Muslim-sponsored "hate speech" laws that are designed to stifle legitimate criticism of Islam. She does not want to restrict their rights. She simply does not want them to have special rights accorded them based on their religion. She is against shariah law, which conflicts with U.S. Constitutional law. She sees burkas as symbols of female oppression and most likely believes they should not be worn in public, and likely is for a policy such as the one recently passed in France.