Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pelosi Galore Flap: Not All the Pussies are Democrats

Incredible.  The GOP has released an effective video ad subtly comparing Nancy Pelosi to the James Bond character Pussy Galore (the film never mentions Pussy Galore, however).  Pelosi is fighting with the CIA over waterboarding and making a fool of herself in the process.  What better time to heap ridicule on this evil Democrat and further erode her credibility?  The Pelosi Galore ad did that.  It was an effective satire that underscores Pelosi's hypocrisy and mendacity.  
But some Republicans don't have a clue and react in accordance with decades of liberal programming.  The ad will backfire, they moan.  It will be misinterpreted.  It sends the wrong message.  It will be used against us. It will cost us votes.  They may even call us...gasp!...SEXISTS!

Update:  Jeff G writes at Protein Wisdom: "Conservatives deserve to wander in the wilderness so long as they continue to accept the premises that Democrats foist upon them, and then scurry about trying to fit their behavior inside parameters that have been defined for them by their ideological enemies."  Very much on point to this article.

Hot Air (Allah) is one of the chicken-hearts who are trumpeting this crapola today, and of course, Democrat websites and blogs will be quoting him in their defense of Pelosi-Galore.  He has supplied them with propaganda talking points.  They can say "even well-known Republican blogger Allah of Hot Air has denounced the ad as sexist."

As Saul Alinsky wrote in his book "Rules for Radicals," ridicule is the most potent political weapon you can use.  It makes the opposition react angrily and irrationally and allows them to self-destruct.  However, the effect can be spoiled by self-doubting and brainwashed Republicans who are always eager to apologize to our enemies and to avoid controversy at all costs.  

When the Democrat programming and propaganda begins, alleging sexism, racism or whatever-ism, we should never apologize or retreat.  The thing to do is laugh long and loud in their direction and keep the ridicule flowing.  Allah should obey that old Army dictum:  either lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.  Allah, you didn't help us today.

The video is embedded below.  Watch it carefully and decide for yourself.

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