Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Banning Burquini Bothers Bather

This morning I am getting a heavy stream of new visitors. Sitemeter shows that the hits are coming from Google searches and the page visited is one about the Islamic burquini (see photo, right), a swimsuit for women that covers the entire body. See that 2007 post here...
Apparently, this renewed interest in the burquini comes from the A.P., which has run a story about French officials banning burquinis from a public swimming pool. Curious folks want to see what the burquini is all about, so via Google they are visiting Saber Point. Welcome to all aficionados of barbaric swimwear!
See the French blog DRZZ for another take on this story (you can translate it into English there with an online translator).
Photo: A young Muslim woman models "the Smurf," one of the fashionable burquinis available to Muslim women. This burquini also comes in green and is known as "the Gumby."
Hat tip DRZZ.
Hat tip to Jammiewearingfool for the Yahoo link.

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