Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Thoughts on a Young French Soldier Killed in Afghanistan


This article, which I have translated, was taken from the French blog "La Pensee Neoconservatrice." It is about a young French soldier who was recently killed in Afghanistan; the author criticizes the pacifist attitudes of his countrymen, while explaining just what it is that the soldier died for.

The article is titled "Mort Pour La France?" This phrase "Mort Pour La France" (Died for France) is usually engraved on the tombstones of French soldiers who have fallen in battle.

Did He Die for France? (by David Martin of La Pensee Neoconservatrice)

Once again a French soldier has been killed in Afghanistan. Once more the parade of cowards and appeasers has flooded the media with this question: "did he die for France?" The point of the question is to immediately imply the Politically Correct response: No. For the pacifist media, this corporal of 22 years of age died for nothing, in a country far away, for people who didn't want him there.

One finds in these statements all of the contempt of the French middle class for the people liberated since 2001, and the latent racism in the statement "they do not want democracy." It is an easy thing to say when you are living in a democracy.

This is also an easy excuse for those who want nothing to change. Let the Afghanis deal with the Taliban. After all, they must find their own solution, right? This is a sickening attitude on the part of most of the French people, illustrating so well a people who so easily accepted the collaboration with Germany, who so quickly yielded up their Jews to the Nazis. Nothing has changed in the "Country for the Rights of Man."

Did he die then for France? No!! He died for liberty, died for a people able to hope for something other than Islamic barbarism, died for the idea that to live with such opinions is not a crime.

He died only for a small minority in France: those who refused Vichy, those who fought against Communism, those who have dared to state that the intervention in Iraq was just. He did not die for the scum who wallow in the putrid swamps of collaboration and surrender.

May he rest in peace.


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