Thursday, August 13, 2009

Town Hall Plants and Democrat Spin

The townhall meetings on nationalized health care have become raucous and angry. This reflects the majority's fear of a government run monopoly taking the place of their private health plans.
The fears, based on actual experiences in Canada, the U.K. and other parts of the E.U., are real. However, the Democrats have armed their minions with the proper talking points and sent them out to opine, blog and editorialize on the publc groundswell of anger and anxiety. Their message: the public outrage isn't really based on a knowledge of Obamacare. It's caused by conservative pundits hawking falsehoods, especially Rush Limbaugh. In fact, the public opposition to Obamacare is really a subtle form of racism -- or so they would have you believe. The public isn't buying it, however.

The Democrats have tried to fight back in traditional Democrat fashion, by spinning, lying and planting their speakers and agents in the town hall meetings. A little girl is called on to opine about the mean signs outside the hall; she is later outted as a plant, i.e. someone who was set up to voice opinions and ask questions supplied in advance.

Union members show up posing as conservatives, carrying signs and posters depicting Obama as Hitler. Their goal is to provide propaganda for the MSM cameras: to foster a false impression of conservatives as kooks or extremists.

The Democrats, as usual, are a study in Machiavellian dirty tricks and poisoned politics. Be informed.

Cartoon: Credit is due Clifton of Another Black Conservative for the inspiration.

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