Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sarah Palin To Sue Alaskan Blogger for Defamation?

An Alaskan anti-Palin blogger is in danger of getting his butt sued off by Sarah Palin for propagating the "Palin Divorce" rumor. Oh I hope so. I have been asking this for weeks: can't Palin or Palin supporters or somebody SUE the cabal of Alaskan bloggers who have filed false ethics complaints and spread lies and rumors about the Palin family? Why are these vermin allowed to get away with their hateful and illegal acts? Is there no avenue of redress for us conservatives?
Stacy McCain has the story at American Spectator. The target of the Palin lawsuit is a part time kindergarten teacher named Jesse Griffin whose blog is the appropriately named "Immoral Minority." Apparently, the false rumor that the Palins were divorcing originated with Griffin before it was picked up by CNN. Palin's attorney sent Griffin a letter this week demanding a retraction or face legal action. Griffin has shown no sign that he will back down from the allegations. That's fine with me. A successful lawsuit against the immoral liars might tend to dampen their enthusiasm for further libel.

Dan Riehl has further details on Jesse Griffin and the threatened lawsuit here.

See Stacy McCain's blog articles at the Other McCain for some very interesting facts on Jesse Griffin.

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