Thursday, August 06, 2009

Raucous Townhall Meetings - Angry Citizens or Agents Provocateurs?

The Democrats have been having "Town Hall" meetings all over the country to solicit support for their socialized health care plan and answer questions from citizens. However, they have been encountering angry citizens and raucous crowds at a number of locations. Democrat speakers are being laughed at and booed by the crowds.
The reason for the angry crowds is that there is a growing number of citizens who are opposed to nationalized health care and other Democrat boondoggles, like Cap and Trade and the no-stimulus Stimulus. However, the Dems want the public to believe that the angry citizens are really Republican "agents provocateurs" -- organized demonstrators, a "Rent-A-Mob" put up to it by their Right Wing masters. The Dems point to such telltale signs as the clothing and grooming of the protestors -- they wear nice clothes and have haircuts, so they must be Republicans.

It isn't true but the Democrats want you to think it is. After all, REAL citizens wouldn't protest crushing taxation, soaring energy prices, the loss of millions of jobs and Health Care Bureaucracy...would they?

This is merely Democrat spin control and misdirection -- they always try to turn a controvery around and point it away from themselves. Angry mobs at public meetings don't mean their popularity with the electorate is plummeting; it means that the opposition is resorting to dirty tactics. Maybe when there are long bread lines in major cities the Dems will claim the down-and-out are Republican plants.

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