Friday, August 07, 2009

Turning Myself In: "I Publicly Admit My Guilt, Comrade Obama!"


Reporting Fishy Goings-On at Saberpoint Blog

Comrade President,

I wish to report a right wing blog that is dedicated to the destruction of your glorious government run health care plan. The owner of this blog, one capitalist war-monger named Stogie Chomper, regularly posts jokes and caricatures about you. He thinks your health care goals will result in rationed health care and will bankrupt the country. Furthermore, he thinks you are completely nuts, unqualified to run the country and out of your element. He says your Marxist/collectivist ideology will seriously deplete both human freedom and economic prosperity in the United States.

These counter-revolutionary sentiments are now making themselves known as the Kulaks and peasants yell and scream and make trouble at the Town Hall meetings. People are really pissed, Comrade President. "Serf's Up," you might say.

Comrade Stogie Chomper also believes that you should resign and return to the country of your birth, Kenya.

I am awaiting further orders from you Comrade President. We must deal with these counter-revolutionaries as we did the Kulaks. We must hope for change in this situation, Comrade President. Or as Comrade Lenin used to sing in the shower, "Hope and change, change and hope, tie up a Kulak with a rope."

Yours for a Glorious Future where everything is free and no one has to work any more, except the rich, so they can support the rest of us.

Comrade S. Chomper

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