Saturday, August 01, 2009

"Ethicsgate" Video Available at NMATV.COM

Jeanne Devon, perhaps fearing legal consequences for false complaints against Palin (illegal under Alaskan law), has again had the "Ethicsgate" video removed from YouTube. If you click on the link in the previous post, you will get YouTube's copyright message.
You can also see the video at NMATV.COM and get the embed code if you want to post this on your blog.

NMATV.COM has taken the position that the use of Jeanne Devon's images in the video meet the Fair Use rules of copyright law and therefore NMATV.COM will not remove the video. Bob Parks, the Executive Director of NMATV, said this:
And after further review (as Executive Director of NMATV), I will not censor the video in question.

The Fair Use Clause of the Copyright Law of 1976 allows for the rebroadcast of copyrighted works for the purpose of education, commentary, and criticism.

While Ms. Devon feels she may have been violated, I think the only violation is that these malicious liberal thugs got caught, have been publicly outed, and are justifiably paranoid of potential legal trouble from Mrs. Palin. Note, Ms. Devon doesn’t dispute the content of the video; just the fact her mug was inserted therein.

Meaner things have been done to Sarah Palin.

Go here to get the embed code.

Bob Parks, you are a hero. Thank you.

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