Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Demise of White America

Recently it was disclosed in the news that white births in America are now less than 50% of all births.  Many conservatives find this fact depressing, as do I.  I am far from a "white supremacist" or "white centrist," but I find myself struggling to understand the far-reaching implications of white decline.

Around 1965 the left changed America's immigration policy to allow in far more non-whites, thus setting in motion long-term demographic change in the United States.  The America I grew up in was overwhelmingly white, or "European-American" if you prefer the polite term.  Today we can foresee a time when white people will be a minority in America.

I think there is a Marxist component to this managed change in our demographics, changing the population and its basic political beliefs, its long held culture, so that a new, emerging demographic might be more open to radical changes in the American system of government.  If the population wouldn't hear of these changes, then you simply change the population.  It's worked before, particularly in China, where conquered or dissident regions are simply bred out of existence.  Move in a few million Chinese and in a generation or two, the old population has been effectively subsumed.  I understand the Chinese are now doing that to Tibet, engulfing it slowly the way a Boa constrictor swallows and assimilates a rabbit, through Chinese immigration therein.

In centuries past, many Muslim populations were once Christian, Jew or Hindu.  The Muslim invaders who conquered those regions did not win over the hearts and minds of the newly conquered.  However, they did win over the hearts and minds of the generations that followed.  The old populations were simply bred out of existence.  They were replaced.

However, the truth is that culture is the real target here.  There is nothing inherent in the genes of Asians, Arabs, Hispanics, East Indians or other minorities that compel them to embrace collectivism and strong central governments.   However, many migrate from countries where these things are a concrete fact, and the immigrants less reticent to accept such change in their newly adopted home.  Many come from countries and cultures outside of western traditions, values and beliefs.  The tolerance for large scale immigration of Muslims in Europe is undoubtedly the most disastrous for the long-term survival of western civilization -- not because of the immigrants' race, but because of their customs, traditions and beliefs, all of which are hostile to western values of constitutional government, free markets and pluralism.

That is why liberals enthusiastically accept Hispanic immigration, legal or not.  They surmise, quite correctly, that these immigrants will vote for the Democratic Party.

The real enemy, however, is white people themselves.  Not because they are inherently evil as many radical Hispanics and blacks want to believe, but because we are breeding ourselves out of existence.  Whites are not reproducing themselves.  Whites are no longer having babies like they did in past decades.

The goal for me is not racial purity -- we are all human beings.  To me the goal, probably unachievable, is to graft western values -- republican, constitutional, limited government and capitalism -- onto populations that have not previously valued these ideas and institutions.

If that could happen then all peoples and races would be freedom.


Old Rebel said...

It's not "white supremacy" that's behind efforts to preserve your country's traditional demographics.

Demographic shifts mean trouble, and you don't have to go back to ancient Rome for examples. The Lebanese Civil War was sparked by an influx of Palestinians. And look what happened to Serbia when Muslims overran Kosovo.

BTW, the South voted against the 1965 Immigration "Reform" Act. For some reason, Southerners didn't believe Ted Kennedy's assurance the act would NOT change America's demographics.

Stogie said...

OR, well said. However, both of the examples you give involved different cultures and religions, not race. Muslim immigration into anywhere is disastrous for the non-Muslim population.

Stogie said...

Oh, one more thing. I still want whites to be the majority. With the racial animus displayed by many blacks and some Hispanics, I'd rather have them depend on my good graces and tolerance rather than the other way around.

I wish we could get the 1965 act repealed.

Old Rebel said...

Actually, Muslims are a whole different kind of problem. In "The Clash of Civilizations," political scientist Samuel Huntington analyzes the root causes of the world's conflicts. Here's what he concludes: "Wherever one looks along the perimeter of Islam, Muslims have problems living peaceably with their neighbors."

But don't tell that to our masters in DC.

Always On Watch said...

we are breeding ourselves out of existence

So true.

I'm glad that I'm as old as I am.

I wonder what America will be like in 50 years?

Stogie said...

AOW, scary to think about.

White people have been trained to hate themselves.