Monday, May 07, 2012

Democracy Doesn't Work

Greek Ruins
France and Greece, both insolvent or nearly so, have rejected austerity measures and candidates in their recent elections.  By "austerity measures," they mean living within your means, reducing "free" government services so prior services provided on credit can finally be paid for.

Alas, in a Democracy, the masses can vote themselves the keys to the Treasury.  Now there are only dead moths in the French and Greek treasuries, but that's okay, because the credit cards are still there.

Liberalism leads only to ruin.  It teaches the simple-minded masses that the world owes them a living, that government has endless free stuff to hand out, that there are no consequences to living like the proverbial drunken sailor.  Right now the French and Greek voters are like drug addicts; they don't care if stealing the rent money from mom's purse will result in homelessness, they must have that heroin hit RIGHT NOW.  Let tomorrow take care of itself.

Hmm, if the Left was to have a motto, that would be it.  Let tomorrow take care of itself.

I am almost at the point where I have concluded that democracy doesn't work, at least not in its present form.  Critics of democracy point out that it carries the seeds of its own destruction, and perhaps that is an accurate observation.  Democracy is the rule of the mob, and mobs are extremist and psychotic.  The French peasants who stormed the Bastille were such a mob.  Instead of celebrating July 14th as Bastille Day, it should be a day of national mourning in France.  It was a day when madness replaced civilization.

Perhaps democracy could work, if there were legally enforceable bars to leftism, liberalism and socialism.  Some examples might be (1) allowing only those who own property to vote (as in the early days of our founding); (2) allowing only those who are self supporting to vote; (3) assessing an equal tax on everyone, including the so-called poor, i.e. by a flat tax on gross income, so that those who vote for higher taxes will feel the effects of it in their own pocketbooks.  When people are spending their own money, rather than someone else's, they tend to be a lot more conservative.

In Western Civilization, our societies have devolved, thanks to "progressive" politics, to a self-consuming, self-destructing mob.  Ruin is inevitable.  This is not what the Founding Fathers intended.  They did not intend to establish a mobocracy, but a Constitutional Republic, wherein the rights and property of the individual were protected against the caprice of the mob, where even the majority is limited in what it can do.


Walt said...

Ah, but the founders of this country didn't like what they knew of the French revolution. That's why they dint make a democracy. They made a republic -- which morphed into a democracy soon after all the smart professorial types concluded there should be one vote for every one moron and that a free education of sorts for all was the responsibility of the state.

Stogie said...

Thanks Walt. Yes, the Founding Fathers put in the necessary restraints to prevent mobocracy, but their safeguards have been slowly and surely eroded away. Now any fool can vote himself a share of your bank account.

Always On Watch said...

France and Greece are spiraling into economic oblivion now. I'm not sure that those countries will ever be able to survive what they've just done!

As Walt pointed out, our Founders guarded against the inherent dangers of democracy when they incorporated the principles of federalism in our Constitution.

We have strayed far away from our Founders' wisdom. Not a surprise, really, as it is the nature of human beings to vote their own entitlements. In fact, the story of the fall of Adam and Eve is, in many respects, a story of "voting entitlements."

Mark Levin's book Ameritopia is an excellent read as to just how perverted our original principles have become.

Stogie said...

AOW, I am reading Ameritopia now.

david7134 said...

Walt, I hate to tell you this, but the Constitution, Bill of Rights and most everything else came before the French revolution. The French revolted because of the debt incurred supporting our effort (sound like something starting to happen now?).

Also, have you ever noted how those that support communism love democracy? They seem to go hand and glove.