Saturday, May 12, 2012

Update to my Digital Reconstruction of the Sphinx

Ever so often I like to meddle with my Photoshop reconstruction of the Sphinx.  That reconstruction is one of my most popular posts, with students of ancient Egypt viewing it regularly.

The last time I updated the reconstruction, I was somewhat satisfied with it, but not completely.  There's always something that's not quite right.  Today I fixed the chin a bit and reduced the size of the eyelids so they look more natural.  I also slimmed the nose just a tad and worked on the mouth.  Now it really is much closer to what I imagine the original Sphinx looked like.

Have a look here if interested.

I read somewhere that the ancient Egyptians forbade artistic depictions of people in anything but glum, expressionless poses.  That explains why the Sphinx appears stoned, with his very stoic expression.

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