Saturday, May 05, 2012

World Renowned Neurosurgeon Doesn't Believe In Evolution

Dr. Ben Carson
Dr. Ben Carson has a sterling reputation as a surgeon and an inspiring personal story to boot.  He is to give a commencement address at Emory University in Atlanta.

However, academicians are in a lather when it was revealed that Dr. Carson doesn't believe in evolution.  A very devout man, Dr. Carson's views are apparently based on his religious beliefs.   The biology professors at Emory are quite upset.  Whatever happened to Group Think?  So what do you do with a black man who isn't solidly rooted in the liberal plantation?

I don't care what the good doctor believes about evolution (I have serious doubts about it myself).  However, it is amazing to me how the Biology professors at Emory are all in a lather because someone holds a different belief than they do.

Read more about it here.


david7134 said...

I think the issue can be summed up in your use of the term "believe". Evolution is not a belief system. It is a scientific concept. In fact, it is no longer a theory, it has moved to the postulate phase. So when a man of science does not respond to questions regarding topics of a scientific nature in a manner that is consistent with following the critical thought, then his credentials are called to question. Now, if he wants to postulate on creation myth and try to introduce that as a scientific theory, then he must follow guidelines for doing so. This would included critical analysis of myth and the Bible. Thus, it is not the fact that he might not accept evolution, it is his method in doing so.

Stogie said...

David, yes evolution is a concept based on theories. However, it is not a settled, scientific fact, any more than the manmade global warming theory is settled fact. Both the doctor and the biologists have beliefs, neither of which is proven.

There are a number of scientists who don't believe in evolution based on scientific principles -- random mutations, the mathematical odds, irreducible complexity of organs, etc. Their disbelief could also be called "a scientific concept."

I disagree with you about evolution not being a belief system.

A'Esquecida said...

here ya go...a little of God's 'science' not to be believed.

Stogie said...

AE,that site seems to contain malware. I do not recommend clicking on the link you gave.

There is a lot in religious texts that I do not believe...e.g., that God is a megalomanic egotist who roasts people in Hell for being human.

I do not have a religious point of view, nor do I believe that I have "THE TRUTH!!!" It's close-minded people of any stripe who bug me. I have the wonderful advantage of an open mind, and having such, I have nothing to lose by considering alternative viewpoints.

It is a liberating feeling for sure.

Stogie said...

AE, I checked out your site in spite of the malware warning and found no problems with it. I think you are getting this weird message due to some glitch in your blog. I had it once, too, but forget what I did to fix it. Google it.