Sunday, May 06, 2012

Shut Up, Schwarzennegger

The big blowhard Arnold Schwarzenneger, who as Republican governor of California became a lap-dog for the far left Democrats, is now opining on what's wrong with the Republican Party.  According to this blowhard, who quickly sold out every Republican principle as soon as he got to Sacramento, the GOP is "rigidly ideological" and more wedded to dogma than finding solutions to problems.  Or so he says in the Los Angeles Times column "GOP, take down that small tent."

This isn't a new phenomenon.  Other failed Republicans, seeking to curry favor with the liberal media or the Democrat powers-that-be, begin to talk like Democrats.  They repeat Democrat talking points as if they were great insights and true wisdom.  Colin Powell is a case in point.  Both of them agree with Meghan McCain, a really airhead blonde and daughter of another failed Republican, John McCain:  in order for the GOP to win elections, it must become a carbon-copy of the Democrats.  I disagree.

Yes, Arnie, we are rigidly wedded to such dogma as balanced budgets, living within your means, being friendly to businesses and jobs and prosperity, and not chasing every really stupid far-left idea that comes down the pike -- like gay marriage, global warming, laws enforcing transgender equality, what Sacto considers a proper diet, and what propaganda should be included in school textbooks.  Really solving California's problems would include a major decrease in spending, reigning in the public sector unions who are strangling the state, lowering taxes and less red tape -- all of which you failed miserably to do.

So how are we faring after eight years of this counterfeit conservative?  The state is more socialist than ever, sinking in oceans of red ink, its economy is a basket case and the Golden State the laughing stock of the world.  So much for Arnie's openness, his willingness to be flexible on policy, his urgent need to bend over whenever the Democrats in Sacto asked him to.

I voted for Arnie twice, but it was a mistake.  After his second term, I decided I would never vote for him again for any office, any time.

So to your latest vanity piece, in which you pose and posture as some great man of enlightenment, I can only say this:

SHUT THE HELL UP, SCHWARZENNEGER.   Idiocy doesn't sound any better though an Austrian accent.

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Dennis said...

I am leaving the Republican Party and becoming a nonpartisan Independent because the Republican Party of Clark County has decided to go to the left and embrace gay marriage.