Monday, May 07, 2012

Life Among the Loons of Massachusetts: A Few Patriots Remain

I received this message from Tom Davies of Massachusetts, who like I, lives within one of the most extreme leftwing states in the Union.  
The Concord Bridge, Scene of
"The Shot Heard Round the World" - April 19, 1775
Greetings from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts where all the crazy stuff that happens out there on the left coast is born! Hello,my name’s Tom, happened upon your blog whilst surfing and as all the best sites I’ve discovered it was serendipitous for sure.

As I said I live behind enemy lines but love this state as much as I love the US and am making my stand here amongst the loons. I live a short distance from the old North Bridge where the shot heard round the world was fired. Massachusetts is a small state and wherever one is there’s something historically connected to our nation’s birth yet the loons are oblivious to it.

I’m a teacher and have worked in schools where there are no American flags displayed and the pledge is verboten as is God (but not Allah). We have a mosque that was built with public funds, the loons defended that with “building a diverse community”, not long after the Imam and others associated with the mosque were outed by the FBI as connected to al Qaeda -- nice huh? 

The liberal that’s running against our Republican senator Scott Brown has for the last couple of decades claimed minority status, turns out she’s 1/32 Cherokee if even that can be substantiated. She used this status to enhance her educational and employment opportunities. The Dems are desperate to spin this one but it doesn’t look good for her. 

I’ve pointed these things out because our beloved Republic is fast becoming Massachusetts and it now comes down to November being our only hope. Good on you and all of the conservative bloggers, the internet is going to change the face of American politics. I suspect that like conservative radio audiences readership eclipses anything the loons have to offer. What’s important is that readers are sharing this info and links as well to counter the lies and subterfuge of the MSM. I’m including a few links to East Coast bloggers that I follow, they’re very good. Thank You for what you do. – Tom Davies

Stogie:  Thank you Tom for being there.  With you in Massachusetts and me in California, we have the loons surrounded!


Anonymous said...

I visited Concord in 2000. I sure hope that Elizabeth Warren gets defeated in November.

david7134 said...

When I was in my medical practice and actually attended hospital meetings, we had a doctor from Boston on the staff. Everytime I went to the meeting it was all I could do not to jump up and strangle the guy. I don't see how anyone could want to live around these people (yes, this is one experience, but he does represent just about everyone I have ever meet from the state).

Now we have an election between a communist that is actively trying to eliminate our country and a guy from Mass. Can it get any worse?

Yes, that is why I am thinking of voting for Obama, just go ahead and get the war started.