Saturday, May 05, 2012

Photograph of Big Foot: REAL OR FAKED? You Decide!

I was inspired to go looking for Big Foot after watching the 998th episode of "Hunting for Big Foot" on television tonight.  998 episodes, and they ain't found him yet.  Just a lot of weeds and mountainous terrain and guys in plaid shirts saying "There Be Squatch in These Woods!"

Now Big Foot is also known as Sasquatch, or if you are on really close terms with him, you can call him "Squatch" like they do on the TV show.  Yep, if you don't know Big Foot, you don't know Squatch.  Heh heh, a little humor there.

Since the makers of the program still haven't found the hairy monster, I decided to take my digital camera into the woods and capture an image of ol' Sasquatch himself.

Well it didn't take long.  I just called out "heeeere Biggy Foot Foot Foot" and before you knew it, there he was.    He was nice enough to pose for a picture for me.  Now this is the most realistic image of Big Foot seen to date.  The image is copyrighted, but you can republish it for only $10,000 for each showing.  Contact my agent.

P.S.  We accountants get a bit silly after the tax season ends.

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