Friday, June 04, 2010

Helen Thomas: Old, Grouchy, Homely and NOW ANTISEMITIC

Helen Thomas can't help being an old bat; it happens to all of us given enough time.  We age.  Some of us learn something and become both old and wise.  Some of learn little and become old and a wise-ass.  Helen Thomas is of the latter category.

Apparently, Helen was pissed off that the Israelis won't agree to mass suicide so her heroes, the Palestinians, won't be bothered with having to murder them.  Imagine those damn Jews, shooting terrorists instead of allowing themselves to be beaten, knifed and shot.  I've said it before and I'll say it again:  leftists are a perfect reverse barometer of everything good, right, true and just.  Helen is living proof.

In a video taken yesterday by, Thomas was asked what the Jews should do.  Thomas parked her broom, hung up her long black, pointed hat, and cackled, "Get the Hell out of Palestine!"  Thomas was obviously a hag of the left, one who believes enlightened pluralistic democracies should be replaced by barbaric tyrannies who saw off heads for sport.

Helen Hag has since been taken to task for her anti-semitism all over the net, with former Bush White House Secretary Ari Fleischer calling for her dismissal from the White House Press Corps.

If God has a sense of humor, let's hope that all of the dead terrorists will get their 72 virgins in the afterlife, and all of them will look just like Helen Thomas.  She will give the dead terrorists a blast of sour denture breath just before she slips them some tongue.

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