Monday, November 25, 2013

History As A Weapon for Modern Politics - and Why We Must Fight for Truth

As a Confederate descendant, I know too well how history is used as a weapon, how its interpretation (or misinterpretation) is used to justify political positions and policies in the here and now.  Furthermore, it isn't enough to merely advocate for a position -- to be successful, one must create a villain, someone or something to oppose, to fear, to hate.  The current bogey-man is the Tea Party, on which the left directs all of its venom and loathing.

The abject misinterpretation of the American (so-called) Civil War is a case in point, but I won't go there today.  Let's deal instead with the misinterpretations of the Kennedy assassination.

Fifty years ago, liberal newspapers and television pundits were decrying the "climate of hate and violence" that allegedly murdered Kennedy.  If the right wing wasn't so mean and nasty, they posited, Kennedy would not have been killed.  Of course, Kennedy was killed by a Communist, killed by left wing hatred, not right wing.  No matter, repeat a lie often enough and the sheeple will come to accept it as fact.

On the 50th anniversary of the assassination this week, this same false, incendiary and slanderous meme has again been revived by the left.  Some delusional fool at the Washington Post wrote an article, "The Tea Party Has Roots In The Dallas of 1963."  Yep, right wing views and positions get presidents assassinated.  Except that JFK was assassinated by one of theirs, a collectivist, a statist, a progressive, a Communist.

The Tea Party does not have its "roots in 1963," but the Democratic Party does indeed have its roots in 1984.  In Orwell's novel, one can see how history is used as a weapon: "Who controls the past, controls the future. Who controls the present, controls the past."  The interpretation of the past is used to justify modern political positions and shame opposition into silence, e.g., if you oppose leftist policies, you are just another assassin in disguise.

This is why the left is so conspiracy-minded.  They have been using fantasy for the past fifty years to exonerate their fellow traveler, Lee Harvey Oswald.  History must be rewritten to their satisfaction, and the truth be damned.  The conspiracists seek, not only to deflect guilt away from their ideological comrade, but to turn it on their enemies instead:  Republicans, conservatives, the military, the police, our intelligence agencies, and America itself.

This is also why I am such a dedicated, well-read and informed anti-conspiracy blogger.  I refuse to let the little commie bastard, Oswald, off the hook.  He, and the political philosophy he represents, deserve everlasting shame for the evil deeds that they do.

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