Saturday, November 23, 2013

World Net Daily Isn't Worth a Damn

World Net Daily is allegedly a conservative website, but if so, it is the Wacky Right, the ones who believe that depression medications make you murder people, that the hour of Christ's return can be calculated precisely, and now that there WAS indeed a conspiracy to kill John F. Kennedy.

Typical World Net Daily Reader?
Their latest malarkey seems to derive from resident researcher Jerome Corsi, the famous researcher who assured us that Obama's birth certificate was forged, but who could never prove it.  Now he has a book out, Who Really Killed Kennedy?  Stunning New Revelations About the JFK Assassination.

According to the best positive review at Amazon:
Corsi's essential argument is that the plot to kill Kennedy was hatched by military and financial elites who were displeased with Kennedy's unwillingness to go along with their plans for a New World Order. Presenting new and overlooked evidence, Dr. Corsi argues his case with thorough documentation and persuasive analyses that offers an enlightening perspective for the reader.
So there you have it.  The Wacky Right is paranoid about something called "The New World Order," and so obviously JFK must have been killed by those trying to erect this new order.  This is specious and absurd on its face.  No need to read any further.

Here are some equally valid arguments for a huge conspiracy (feel free to write your own):
1.  JFK was killed by a cabal of disgruntled tax accountants and lawyers for his plans to simplify the Internal Revenue Code.
2.  JFK was killed by a conspiracy of NASA officials for his plans to finally tell the truth about UFO's:  they ARE little gray men with big eyeballs.
3.  JFK was killed by a secret plot of the Cattleman's Association for his plans to push vegetarianism.
4.  JFK was killed by a cabal of Air Force Generals because he planned to paint their black helicopters purple with pink polka dots.

I'm sure that books will be written along these lines any day now.


Stogie said...

I gave up on WND a long while back. There are some things of value there, but there is a paucity of things of value -- and of credibility.

Stogie said...

...Except when they get to race news and Colin Flaherty's articles.

Stogie said...

In their defense, and the defense of the good things there, over time, they have been headed in the right direction. More stuff which Saberpoint doesn't like, more quality race news and other similar news.

Now, ideally, they would head in that direction even quicker than they're going. But I'm not really going to fault them because they're giving Colin Flaherty a platform, and from what he tells me, Joe Farah is perfectly fine with what Flaherty writes.