Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How To Sell a JFK Assassination Theory (and Sell Books!) #JFK #JFKAssassination

In 1997 a JFK assassination writer created a FAQ about the Kennedy assassination and the claims of the conspiracy theoriests.

Locke describes the process for advancing a conspiracy theory:
8.1 Sell emotion first. 
8.2 Scare the reader away from primary documents. 
8.3 Distort the evidence. 
8.4 Emphasize eyewitness testimony. 
8.5 Emphasize unsworn witnesses. 
8.6 Raise non-essential issues. 
8.7 Omit the complete context of the evidence. 
8.8 Promote yourself to expert. 
8.9 Don't solicit the other side of the story. 
8.10 Accuse the defenseless. 
8.11 Emphasize preliminary information. 
8.12 Recycle discredited evidence.

Locke also lists the major myths and facts about the assassination.  Read his FAQ online here.

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