Monday, November 25, 2013

Live Video Cam View From Oswald's "Sniper's Lair" at Dealey Plaza #jfk

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza in Dallas has a live view of Oswald's field of fire, via online webcam, at this link.

This requires an internet connection.  Here is a still capture I just made:

Oswald's View of JFK Motorcade, as It Appears Today (2013)
Red Circle Shows Location of JFK and Fatal Head Shot

Note: There is a horizontal, white line in the street that denotes the location of the fatal head shot.  I put a red circle around it.  The trees have grown up quite a bit since 1963.

Oswald had an ever clearer shot fifty years ago. See same photo back then, with a red x marking the spot of the head shot, below.  (The "grassy knoll" can be seen on the right.).  This is a photo taken on November 27, 1963, of a Secret Service reenactment of the assassination.  The photo below it is a view to the left, just before Elm Street runs under the oak tree there.  It is believed Oswald hurried his first shot here, and missed.

View From Sniper's Lair, November 27, 1963
From the Sniper's Lair, Looking Down and to the Left of the Six Floor Window
Where Oswald May Have Fired His First Shot and Missed - Photo Taken November 27, 1963

Here is the actual scene of Oswald's perch in 1963.  He stacked boxes to act as a support for steadying his rifle for the shots fired at Kennedy.  Note how much thinner the trees were in 1963.

Source:  Fort Worth Star Telegram

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