Friday, November 15, 2013

ANOTHER Bill Schmalfeldt Photoshop (Forgive Me) #Photoshop #BillSchmalfeldt

I have been putting in quite a few hours studying Photoshop tutorials on the web.  I have been using this program for maybe 15 years, learning a little here and there.  Finally I have been inspired to greatly extend my knowledge of this useful program.

So here is another Photoshop of Bill Schmalfeldt, this time making use of the filter at filter/other/highpass, hard light.  I also use layer pattern overlays to create texture, as well as filter/artistic/poster edges to get all those neat black spotty highlights.  Don't know why, just makes it look more "sketched."

Well I've had enough of Bill for awhile so will be in search of other material.

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