Monday, April 20, 2009

Miss California Carrie Prejean: A Class Act

Miss California Carrie Prejean was asked by one of the "Miss USA" contest judges, Perez Hilton, if she approved of gay marriage. She did not. The great majority of Americans do not favor gay marriage, but when you are in a big publicity event you are supposed to pretend that the minority is the majority and give lip service to its agenda. In other words, you're supposed to lie, to help with the propaganda effort. If you don't, be prepared to suffer the consequences.

Carrie's honest, majority opinion may have cost her the crown. She was the first runner-up, losing out to Miss North Carolina. On top of that, she was the target of loud and angry profanity by the judge, Perez Hilton, a champion of gay marriage. He called her a "stupid bitch" and a "c**t."
Perez Hilton's angry diatribe was shocking in its immaturity and intolerance for other opinions.

Long after this day, people will remember that the person opposed to gay marriage was a lovely, polite and honest young woman who was tactful and truthful in her beliefs. And they may very well remember that its champion was a foul-mouthed, immature, small-minded punk.
With those images in their heads as they go to the voting booths, do you think you helped your cause, Hilton?
Photo of Carrie Prejean, from the Miss USA website.

via: Fox News
via: Memeroandum

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