Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Liberal Joe Conason's Latest Suck-up

Liberal columnist Joe Conason calls Obama "An Extremist's Nightmare," because

In America’s struggle against the extremists and terrorists epitomized by
Al Qaeda, the strategic imperatives are to divide the enemy and neutralize their
base. Fortunately for the United States and its allies, the new American
president understands how to do that—and is uniquely suited to accomplish the

Conason never really gives a coherent explanation of how the Obamessiah is going to do this. However, we can glean from this idiotic article:

1. Muslims like Barack Obama's Muslim name. Yes, especially his middle name, Hussein.

2. Obama "embodies the message that Americans bear no ill intentions towards Muslims or their nations." What he embodies is incredible naivete, wishful thinking, denial of reality and utter weakness. His foolish "reassurances" to the Muslim world will not change the nature of their hateful, expansionist ideology. This is a typical and one of the most foolish liberal beliefs: that when despots seek to destroy you, it is just a big misunderstanding, easily dispersed with some kind words and candy-coated BS.

3. The inability of the Bush Administration to broadcast no. 2 was one of its most salient failures. (What a shame...all we really needed to do was to verbally reassure al-Qaeda, Hamas and Fatah that we bear them no ill-will, and peace would have come. They probably just wanted a hug).

4. "That belief was impossible to sustain during a decade of war, destruction and torture. Now the burden is on the president to revive latent admiration for our country and our values. " All we needed to do to have peace is to refuse to fight! That would have convinced the Muslims to shower us with flowers and candies instead of say, blowing a hole in the U.S.S. Cole or flying airplanes into the World Trade Center. Even though they attacked us, the war is our fault because we waterboarded three terrorists and consequently saved many American lives.

5. "Mr. Obama’s diplomatic efforts resonate with special strength in Europe as well as across the Mideast, Africa and Asia precisely because he does not claim that his own beloved nation is without fault or flaw." Yes, Obama is living proof. Blame America first. Apologize to other nations who have attacked us or wronged us. Just like a beaten wife apologizing to her violent husband, "I'm so sorry I forced you to beat me!"

Barack Obama is not Muslim extremists' worse nightmare. He is the answer to their prayers. How utterly foolish to believe that terrorists like the mass murderers of Mubai, the London and Madrid bombers, the barbarian savages who sawed off Nick Berg's head while he screamed in horror and agony, could be reformed by sweet talk and pacifism.

As for Consason, he should be wearing a pink tutu to signify his profound grasp of the "Clash of Civilizations" and his awesome studliness.

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