Tuesday, April 14, 2009

R.S. McCain Throws Water on My Cigar

Stacy McCain, a good guy and one of my favorite bloggers, didn't agree with my post about gay Republicans. He said at his blog that my argument was that, since I know some nice folks who are gay, we should allow gay marriage. Not quite, Stacy.

Let me rephrase and enumerate my beliefs for you, in the event I didn't make myself clear enough in my last post.

1. Meghan McCain believes we Republicans should treat gay people with kindness and should support same sex marriage.

2. Meghan was partly right: we should treat gay people with kindness. I would never recommend that the GOP take an official position in favor of gay marriage. See no. 7 below.

3. The same sex marriage issue is for individual states to decide for themselves under the 10th Amendment, it is not an issue for the federal government, which has no constitutional authority to decide it for the union as a whole.

4. I personally don't approve of same sex marriage; however, I feel less strongly on this point as time passes. I will never vote in favor of gay marriage. However, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it if it is passed in my state. I don't see gay marriage affecting me or harming me personally.

5. I believe that in time many, if not most, of the states will allow same sex marriage, because it is a freedom issue and it doesn't cost me or you any money or personal security.

6. The same sex marriage issue should be decided by the people of each state in a democratic vote. It most certainly should not be imposed on a state by judges "legislating from the bench."

7. The National Republican Party should remain neutral on this issue as it is not a federal issue. Local chapters of the Party can take whatever stand they see fit.

8. I consider any gay who is a political conservative and/or patriot to be my ally and his sexual orientation is of no concern to me.

9. We have a lot bigger fish to fry without getting sidetracked on an issue that we are destined to lose in the long run anyway.

Or so it seems to me. It's just one man's opinion. I could be wrong.

via: The Other McCain

Photo: Me after smoking a cigar sent to me by Stacy McCain. Wow Stacy, that stogie really packs a punch!

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