Saturday, April 04, 2009

Replacing the Fountain of Martyr Blood in Tehran

There's a fountain in Tehran where the water is colored red to reflect the "blood of the martyrs," the Muslims who have died murdering others for not being Muslims. Dying while killing others is a sacred act in Islam.

The only problem I can see is that all of this blood would eventually clot, causing one hell of a mess, and the flies it draws is just awful.

Using Photoshop, I have designed a more practical fountain for the martyrs, one that makes use of an alternative body fluid to blood.

You don't have to die to shed this bodily fluid and you don't have to kill anyone either. I can see its advantages already, can't you? Also, there is no clotting or flies involved.

Yes, bladder relief is preferable to bleeding, dying, and killing. The fluid produced is still a bright color and is reflective of life rather than death. That and a whole lot of beer drinking. It's just a suggestion.

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