Saturday, April 11, 2009

Muslim Murders Toddler, Complains About Unveiled Mug Shot

We hear a lot today about "creeping sharia," how Muslim immigrants and insisting that western laws and customs give way to Muslim practices. The Left, in its self-hating desire to commit cultural suicide, are all for it. However, it isn't going to happen if conservatives have anything to say about it.

Take the very recent example of Nour Hadid, a 26 year old Muslim wife living in Orland Park, a village near Chicago. She had a two year old niece, "had" being the operative word here. Hadid was scolded by her husband and was so incensed about it, that she decided to take it out on the toddler. She beat the little girl to death over four days. Well, she also bit and pinched the child, effectively torturing her, and beating her with a wooden spoon. Authorities found that the little girl had 55 bruises and "was beaten from head to toe." Her aunt confessed to the crime.

Hadid was taken into custody and a mug shot taken of her head and shoulders, unveiled. Nour Hadid's husband has threatened to sue the Orland Park police for releasing a mug shot of his wife unveiled, saying that it "insults Islam."

The Southtown Star newspaper did its best for creeping sharia by running rationales about how the hijab is required in Islam and quoting a Muslim official asking the irrelevant question: If Nour had been a nun, would the police have treated her this way?

I would certainly hope so, but then again, nuns don't generally beat toddlers to death. They also don't wear hijabs that cover their faces.
It should be noted that Muslim practices include such illegal activities as honor killings, genital mutilation of young girls, wife beatings and violence against non-believers. How anyone could believe that Muslim criminals should be allowed to escape identification by wearing a veil in a mug shot really offends me.

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